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04 November 2013 @ 12:10 pm
Drunk (Part l)  
Title: Drunk (Part l)
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: oneshot,yaoi,smut
Warning: This chp is contains heavy RAPED SCENES and is a fic Hikaru as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept!
Summary: Hikaru is drunk, and he did cruel things to Yabu.<- *that's it! i really hate to write summary!*

"Tadaima~~~~~~ Hikka? Hikka~~ doko~?" It's been so long since Yabu come back home, but he can't find Hikaru around.

"Maa iya... I shall take a bath first..." Yabu said, and went to take a bath.


At the same time, Hikaru came home. But he was drunk, really drunk, he can't even walk straight. When Yabu's not around, he felt so lonely that only making himelf drunk he felt less lonely.

"Hic.. unn.. what's this...? hic... Kou....? hic..." Hikaru walk wobbly towards the bathroom where the sound of the water running.

While standing outside the bathroom, Hikaru can hear Yabu huming songs. He open the door and saw Yabu's silhouette. Just looking at Yabu's silhouette through the curtain, Hikaru became hard.

"Hikka!! bikuri! why do you reeks of alcohol!" Yabu was shocked, when someone flips open the curtain, Yabu turn around but saw that it was just Hikaru.

Hikaru squinted his eyes, trying to have a clearer look. When he saw a naked Yabu infront of him, it turns him on even harder. It's been so long since he did it with Yabu, seeing a naked Yabu just make him wants Yabu now.

"Kou... kou... ha.. " Hikaru walk towards Yabu and hug him from the back. Both hands slide to Yabu's nipples and start toying with it.

"Ahh.. nghnn.. Hi-hikka.. no.. ahh.. not today.. unn.. got shoo- ahh.. shooting early morning ahh.. to-tomorrow..." Yabu moan in pleasure, the soap on Yabu's body makes Hikaru finger easily make Yabu feels good. Beside Yabu's been holding back for very long too, but Yabu have shooting early in the morning next day.

"Kou.. ha.. Kou..." Hikaru moan out Yabu's name, sliding his had lower to Yabu's member.

"Ahh! no! nghhnn.. don't touch.. ahh.. if-if you con-ahh.. no.. stop.. can't ha.. can't stand... nghnn.." Yabu moan loudly in pleasure when Hikaru start pumping his member hard, it feels so good that he can barely keep standing.

"Ha.. Kou.. kou.. ha.. this is such a good dream... haa.." Hikaru was so drunk that he thought he's dreaming, while one hand is pumping Yabu's member, the other hand slid to the back and insert a finger into Yabu's hole. With the help of the soap, it when in very easily.

"Nghhnn!!! Ahhh.. no.. Hikka! stop.. ahh.. take out.. ahh.. not together... nghmm..." Yabu wants Hikaru to stop, but he's body is also craving for Hikaru. He just can't stop moaning when Hikaru touch both of his most sensitive parts together.

"Kou.. kou.. ahh... so tight.. ha.. good..." Hikaru remove his finger and insert his harden member into Yabu's hole in one shot.

"Nghnnnn!!! Ahhhhh!! ahh! ahh! Hikka.. ahh.. noo...ha.. can't.. ha.. can't stand.. unn..." Yabu felt his leg is too weak to stand, he kneel down and let Hikaru enter him easily.

"Ahhhh!! Kou~~ Kou~~!! This dream is so good~ ahhh.. haa~~~" Hikaru still thought that it's a dream, and start thrusting Yabu roughly with all his strength.

"AHHHH!! HI-hikka.. noo.. unn.. too hard... unn.. too deep... stop.. ahhh!!!" It's been so long since Hikaru enter him, and Hikaru is being so rough on him.

"Kou... kou... ha.. " Hikaru ignoring Yabu plead, and start thrusing even faster and deeper, and released.

"Ngghhnnnn!! Dame.. dame.. ahh.. too much... unnngg... no.. noo...!!" Yabu felt Hikaru hot liquid release deep inside of him, at the same time, Yabu climaxed also.

"Ha.. ha.. kou..." Hikaru softly call out Yabu name and fall asleep on his back, with his member still inside of Yabu.

"Uuuu...he-heavy.. baka Hikaru.. nghnn.. ahh..." Yabu remove Hikaru's member from his hole. The moment he did that, he can feel that Hikaru's cum is flowing out from him.

Looking at Hikaru snoring like no body bussiness, Yabu sigh heavily. He actually wants to punish Hikaru by leaving him in the bathroom, but he can't bare it if Hikaru fall sick because of this, in the end, Yabu drag Hikaru back to the room with his weak body.

"Nghnn.. itta.. !" Yabu moan in pain while bring Hikaru back to his bed.

Yabu look at Hikaru sleeping soundly on the bed, sigh heavly again. Looking at the clock, only 3hrs more before he needs to go out. Yabu walks limply back to the bathroom to wash the cum inside of him. After cleaning himself, Yabu drag himself to work.....


"Ohayo Yabu chan~!" When Yabu step in to the jimusho, Yamada and Yuto greeted him.

"Hmm.. oh.. ohayo..." Yabu look up and give the both of them a weak smile,

"Yabu chan... Daijoubu...? You look pale..." Yuto asked.

"Hmm..? Yeah.." Yabu smile weakly again.

"You sure? You look really bad..." Yamada ask again.

"Yeah, just reached home this early morning... Guess I don't have enough sleep..." Yabu reassured the both of them walk to BEST resting room.

"Ohayo Yabu~ Uwaa! what happen?! Are you ok?" Inoo turn around and saw Yabu pale face and walking limply in.

"Haa.... un..." Yabu sit down slowly on the couch and lie down.

"Ah! Yappari! You did it with Hikaru this morning when you reached home didn't you!?"

Yabu open his eyes, and saw Inoo peeking under his shirt and find some mark that Hikaru leaves when they did it.

"How did yo-?!" Yabu cover his mouth when he nearly let himself out.

"Of course~, You always walk like this after doing it with Hikaru." Inoo said and imitated how Yabu walks.

"Ba-baka!" Yabu hids his blushing face.

"So how was it? How did it start?" Inoo start asking.

"Wha-what do you mean how was it." Yabu face blusing even more now.

"Well you know what I means..." Inoo give a cheeky smile, and use his elbow to jab Yabu's side.

"He... he... was drunk.... and....." Yabu gave up and start to say, but he getting softer just as he start.

"And...?" Inoo tilted his head.

"He.. he sort.. sort of.... ra...pe.. me..." Yabu voice become so soft that it's almost unhearable, but Inoo still catch it.

"EH?! RAPE?!" Inoo shouted out.

"SHHHHH!!! You don't have to shout so loud!" Yabu cover Inoo mouth and exclaim.

"I guess he really been holding back for very long huh, when you're not around, he's always spacing out..." Inoo said

"Really...?" Yabu asked.

"Yup~ .... OI! Don't change the subject! So how was it? Since he raped you, it must have hurt alot huh, making you so pale and weak today...." Inoo said and llok at Yabu pale face.

"No.. It.. it actually feels good...." Yabu turn his redded face away from Inoo and said.

"EH~~~" Inoo gave Yabu an unbelievable look.

"Wha-what?! He's not the only one who is holding you know! And he fall asleep right away on my back after that! I spend so much energy to put him back on the bed!" Yabu turn back and half shouting with his red face at Inoo.

"Hahahahahaha!! Yabu, you're so cute and funny when you're blushing like this!" Inoo said and ruffle Yabu's head, but suddenly Inoo lose his balance, and land his lip on Yabu's lip...

Just then Hikaru walks in, and saw Inoo and Yabu kissing each other. His face immediately turns black....


This morning, Hikaru open his eyes and stare at the ceiling. He don't remember Yabu coming back home, but he had a really hot dream about making love with Yabu in the bathroom.....


But as soon as he step into the jimusho he saw Inoo and Yabu kissing! Yabu didn't go home the whole night and the first thing he saw when he see Yabu is him kissing with another guy!

"What the?!" Hikaru angrily stomp in.

"Ah! Hikaru calm down! Is not what you think it is! It's just an accident!" Inoo get up trying to explain to Hikaru.

"No what I think it is? I've already seen it with my own eyes, what should I not be thinking?!" Hikaru shouted angrily.

"That's why I ask you to calm down!" Inoo shouting back now.

"Oh really? calm down? How to calm down when he's suppose to be home last night but didn't come home?! and he's here having lovey dovey moment with you?!" Hikaru's really angry now, 7 is crowding outside the door wondering what's going on.

"What do you mean his not home?! You-" Before Inoo can tell Hikaru what's wrong Yabu pull Inoo backward to shut him up.

"Forget it! Just let him think what he think it is! He's just a baka!" Yabu glare at Hikaru, he can't believe that Hikaru actually don't remember what happen this morning.

"....." Hikaru glare back at Yabu angrily, and walked away.

"Baka Hikaru!" Yabu mutter to himself angrily.

"Ne, Yabu... is it really ok not to explain what happen to Hikaru..? I think he had a really bad misunderstanding about us..." Inoo asked worriedly.

"IT'S.O.K. Just ignore him, I'm sticking with you today whole day!" Yabu said and cling on Inoo.

"Hais..." Inoo put his hand on his forehead and shake his head.


Just like Yabu said, he stick with Inoo the whole day during the photo shoot. After a long day, they finally reach home...

After Yabu stepped into the house, Hikaru slammed the door hard, making Yabu jump a little.

"Wh-what's wrong with you?!" Yabu really can't stand Hikaru attitude anymore and shouted out.

"..... Where...$#%@# night.." Hikaru is also trying to hold back his anger and is talking in a very low tone.

"What?! Just talk louder if you're unhappy with me! What's wrong with you today?!" Yabu shouted again.

"What's wrong with me?! You can still ask?! Why didn't you return home last night!? Where did you go?! The staff memeber told me you should be home last night!" Hikaru is really angry now, he grab the collar of Yabu's shirt and pushed he to the nearest wall.

"Itta! Let go you idiot! I don't have anything to explain to a baka!" Yabu struggle in pain, just then few button drop off during the struggle, and the love mark Hikaru leave was shown, of course, Hikaru don't remember any of this, and assume that Yabu did it with another guy, and the other guy is Inoo.

"What's this mark!? The staff told me you should be home last night! But you aren't! You did it with Inoo didn't you!? " Hikaru now pull Yabu facing and push him rougly to the bed.

"Arghh!" Yabu slightly cough with the suddenly swift momentum he receive from Hikaru.

"I'm right, am I?" Hikaru now pin Yabu on the bed and ask angrily.

"Itta..." Yabu moan in pain but look away from Hikaru while keeping silent, he's also really angry with Hikaru now.

"Oh yeah.. I'll make you speak the truth!" Hikaru said, while pulling out Yabu's belt and tie his hand on to the headboard rail, Hikaru start stripping Yabu.

"No! Stop! Yada! It's not Inoo!!" Yabu start struggling.

"Not Inoo? Yappari! You did it with someone else!? Who is it?!" Hikaru don't remember he's the on who did it with Yabu.

"!!!" Yabu look at Hikaru angrily and stop struggling.

"I will make you say who you did it with!" Hikaru said angrily, spread Yabu's leg widely and enter Yabu fully without warning and prepartion.

"ARGGGGHHHH!!!!!! AHHHHH! UNNNNN!! UNNNN!!" Yabu shouted in pain, cold sweat is running out of him, but he don't want to give in to the pain Hikaru's giving him, and biting his lip hard, trying to hold back the moan.

"Oh yeah... I will see how long you can hold back!" Hikaru start thrusting Yabu roughly, blood start coming out from the place that they are connected, but Hikaru's not slowing down.

"Un. Un. ha.. unn.." Yabu still biting his lip moaning in pain, Yabu bite his lip so hard that blood is coming out from his lip, and tears start flowing out from his eyes due to the pain , but Hikaru totally ignore it.

"Say! Say it! If you don't say it, I won't stop!" Hikaru says and lifted Yabu's hip even higher and thursted in even deeply and roughly.

"Unn!! UNNN!! AHH!! HAA...UNN!!" Yabu wring his head in pain, trying his best to push Hikaru away but his hand is still tightly tied to the head board. The more he struggle, the more Hikaru thrust him roughly. Yabu turm his head to the side and bite on tightly to the pillow, still holding back his moan.

"Say it!!! If not I'll give you even more pain!" Hikaru growl angry and pull out a large toy and insert it to Yabu's hole together with his member.

"AHHHHH!!! UNNNN!!! UN! UN! YA..AHH..DAAA..UNNN...!" Yabu arched his back up in pain.

Hikaru ignoring Yabu plead continuing to thrust Yabu together with the big toy.....


Few hours have pass, Yabu's hole is already numb from all the pain he receive, and is over flowing with Hikaru's cum and his blood. Yabu's wrist is already leaving some dry blood stain from the struggling just now. Now, Yabu just lay there like a broken doll, letting Hikaru thrusting him roughly.

Hikaru suddenly feel pissed with the no reaction Yabu, and start aming his thrust at Yabu's sweet spot.

"Nghnn!" The sudden change of thrusing touched Yabu most sensitive spot, making Yabu arched up with pleasure again.

"Heh, yappari... You love it when I thrust you here!" Hikaru said and start pumping that spot deeply and fast.

"Ahhh! no... unn.. stop.. Hikaru.. no...please.. ya..da.." Yabu start sobbing again.

"Not till you tell me who you did it with!" Hikaru continuing his thrust roughly.

"Unn..! nghh... un..unn.." Yabu can't take it anymore, he just give up already. He's tired of the pain and pleasure he's been receiving. Yabu can feel that his hole is already too full with HIkaru's cum.

Looking at Yabu totally give up, suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his heart.

"Tsk!" Hikaru ignore his own feeling, he gave a few last thrust and release his last shot and pull out from Yabu hole roughly.

"Nghnn!!! Ahhhnn!" Yabu moan as Hikaru release in him again, and wince when Hikaru pulls out roughly. But still leaving the big toy in him.

"Ha.. ha... ha.." Hikaru pants heavily and look at Yabu.

"Nghnn.. hnn..ha...." Yabu panting in pain.

"...." Hikaru look at Yabu panting in pain, and realise that there's blood all over Yabu. Yabu's wrist is bleeding due to struggling to much and Hikaru tied the belt too tight. Yabu's lip also having dried blood stain as he bite it really hard trying to hold back the moan, and at the bedsheet there's large patch of blood stain on it. Hikaru suddenly felt regretful on being so rough on Yabu, and wanted to pull out the toy from Yabu, but changed his mind when he remembered that Yabu haven't told him who he did it with.

"Ahhh!" Yabu moan out loudly as he felt Hikaru push the toy deeply into him and on the vibration of the toy.

"This shall keep my liquid inside of you." Hikaru said and release Yabu's hand from the headboard.

"Nghhnnn.. ahh.. unn.." The moment Yabu felt his hands free, he curl himself up from pleasure and pain.

"....." Hikaru stare coldly at Yabu sobbing and walk to the bathroom and start bathing.


"Nghhnn.. ha.. ahh.. unn.." Yabu tried to pull out the toy inside of him, but it went too deep inside of, if he tried to pull it out it hurts too much and he can feel that if he pull the toy out, there'll be lots of liquid flowing out from him, and his wrist is sore and pain from the long time binding. Yabu give up of trying to pull out the toy.

Each and every part of Yabu's body hurts. He's force to be in a pose which is almot immpossible for a long hour of time and is being treated so roughly by Hikaru.

Hearing the water running from the bathroom, Yabu felt grievance, sad and angry at the same time. Why Hikaru did this to him. Thinking of it, Yabu drag himself up, and wear his clothes back weakly.

"Nghhnn! ah.." But the moment he stand up, he felt the toy touched his sweet spot. Wearing back his clothes used alot of his energy. After wearing back his clothes, Yabu walk wobbly out of the house, at the same time it start raining heavily with thunderand lighting.

Yabu looked up in the dark sky thinking of where he should go, and walk into the rain, hoping the rain will wash away all the pain Hikaru gave him...


"Kuso!" Hikaru give a punch to the bathroom wall. He really regret what he did to Yabu, but his pride won't aloow him to stop asking who did it with Yabu.

Hikaru bite his lip and look down at the floor while the water running on him. Suddenly something shiny caught his eyes.

".... Kore?!" Hikaru pick up the shiny thing and saw that it's a ring he gave Yabu during his birthday.

"UN.. Itte.." Hikaru suddenly felt a pain in his head, and everything came clear to him. The dream he thought he have is not a dream at all! He is the one who did it with Yabu!

"Kou!" Hikaru rush out of the bathroom regretting the thing he done to Yabu. But, Yabu's not there anymore. Hikaru looking at the bloodstain on the bedsheet and felt sharp pain in his heart. How can he do such a ruthless thing to Yabu, how can he not trust the person he love so much. Hikaru start to panick, Yabu's been bleeding so much, and is already so weak, where can he have gone to?

"Inoo!" The first person who came to his mind is Inoo, maybe Yabu went to Inoo house. Hikaru quickly change and rush to Inoo's house.


"Hai hai, coming." Inoo heard someone knocking in his door.

"Hikaru? Why are you panting? and you're all wet!" Inoo was shock went he find Hikaru all wet and panting infront of him.

"Ha.. ha... ha.. I-inoo.. ha.. Kou.. kou.. ha.." Hikaru panting heavily.

"Wow, calm down first. What happen to Yabu?" Inoo don't understand what had happen, but looking at Hikaru panick face he know that something had happen to Yabu.

"Ha.. Kou.. did Kou come here?" Finally Hikaru can speak normally.

"Yabu? No? What happen?" Inoo asked.

"I... I..." Hikaru told everything to Inoo.

"WHAT?! YOU WHAT?!?!" Inoo shouted loudly after Hikaru tell him everything. He can't believe Hikaru can be this baka.

"I know, I'm being a jerk to him, and I'm regretting it so much now... Where could Kou go.." Hikaru said and messy his hair fretfully.


At the same time, Yabu still walking aimlessly in the heavy rain......

TBC~ wanted to write this as a one shot, but it's getting too long XD and i missed my HikkaBu paring :3 wonder where should Yabu go~~ XD
dean_itohdean_itoh on November 4th, 2013 12:03 pm (UTC)
I hope he goes to a certain BEST member
anyone's fine just don't make him stumbled upon 7s, please
I don't know why
I just still find them cute and underage (despite the fact that all of them are twenty now)

amira_mia5amira_mia5 on November 4th, 2013 01:59 pm (UTC)
you better update asap!! uwaaa this is suspense!
inookei_22inookei_22 on November 5th, 2013 02:38 am (UTC)
*trying to calm my self*
Why are you so mean to Yabu?!
You should tresure your boyfriend more! *scolding Hika*

This fic is soooo greeaat~
I'll be waiting for the next part!
as always, your fic tortured Yabu so much,
and I love it~ *whacked by Yabu*

Thank you so much for sharing this <3<3