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26 November 2013 @ 10:16 am
Drunk (Part ll)  
Title: Drunk (Part ll)
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: oneshot,yaoi,smut
Warning: This chp is contains heavy RAPED SCENES and is a fic Hikaru as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept!
Summary: Hikaru is drunk, and he did cruel things to Yabu.<- *that's it! i really hate to write summary!*

"Hikaru! Stop walking here and there! Calm down will ya?!" Inoo can't stand Hikaru walking around infront of him.

"...... Kusou!!!" Hikaru stop and punch the wall hard.

"Oi! stop vending your anger on my house wall!" Inoo shouted.

"....grr.." Hikaru start messing his hair up again.

"Just calm down will ya, even if you regret now, you can't do anything about it!" Inoo snap coldly at Hikaru.

"Demo... Kou.. I'm really an idiot!" Hikaru bang his head hard on the wall.

"Oi! Oi! Calm down Mr. Idoit! Now the most important thing is where will Yabu go? We need to find him first." Inoo stop Hikaru from hurting himself.

".... Un.. Gome.. Arigatou Inoo.." Hikaru breath in deeply calming himself down.


Yuya and Daiki was shopping around after their work, and was resting inside a cafe when it suddenly start raining heavily. While resting, Daiki saw a familiar back walking not far ahead in the heavy rain without any umbrella.

"Ne Yuyan, doesn't that person look familiar to you?" Daiki ask and point towards outside.

"Hmm.... you're right..." Yuya strain his eyes a little, trying to take a clearer look in the rain.

It looks like Yabu chan to me..." Daiki said.

"Indeed... let go and take a better look..." Yuya said, and stand up.

Yuya and Diaki left the cafe and walk towards the direction they saw Yabu earlier.

"Where did he go...?" Yuya look around and ask.

"Walking without an umbrella in such a heavy rain, he will get sick..." Daiki ask worriedly.

"Give Hikaru a call, he did message all of us to contact him if any of use sees him." Yuya told Daiki.

"Ok." Daiki bring out him phone and called Hikaru.


Just then, Hikaru's phone ring.

"Moshi, moshi, hai. Dai chan? What!? You saw Kou chan?!" Hikaru suddenly rise his voice.

"Hai, me and Takaki was shopping around when we saw Yabu chan drench and wobbling in the heavy rain. We wanted to take a closer look, but we lost him." Daiki said.

"Hai. I will go over right now." Hikaru answered.

"Dai chan? He found Yabu?" Inoo asked.

"Yeah, they saw him somewhere near Yuyan's house. I'm going now." Hikaru said and get ready to leave the house.

"I will stay here just in case Yabu drop by." Inoo shouted to Hikaru as he see Hikaru off.

"Ok." Hikaru shouted back.


Yabu walking in the heavy rain, letting the rain running over him. He felt cold, very cold. But he had no idea where to go.

"OI! TEME! OPEN YOUR EYES WHEN YOU WALK!" Yabu was walking with his head done, and bump into someone else.

"Ah.. gome..." Yabu move away weakly, and smell a strong pungent alcohol.

"HUH?! You think an apologies will do?" The durnk guy grab Yabu's wirst roughly.

"It-it huurts!! Le-let go!" Yabu start to struggle.

"Urusai!" The drunk guy start dragging Yabu into a dark alley.

"Ya-yada! Let go! let go!" Yabu wanted to struggle but he's already too weak to struggle.

"Heh, take a closer, you're actually quite good looking.. Your body... is well trained too..." The drunk guy stare at Yabu body, due to the rain, Yabu's shirt is sticking to his body tightly, the drunk guy swallowed his saliva and start touching Yabu all over, and through Yabu reaction, he knows that Yabu have exprience with guys before.

"Ah.. hnn. noo.. yame.. ahh.. nghnnn!" Yabu moan repeatedly.

"Eh... you actually have this kind of thing in? Yarashi na.." The drunk guy turn Yabu back facing him, slide his hand into Yabu's pant and want to touch his hole, but feels something inside, and realise what is that. The durnk guy start pumping Yabu's hole with the toy that Hikaru leave inside of him.

"Nghnn.. no.. ahh. stop.. ittai... no.. ahh..." Yabu moan out in pain when the guy pumps him with the big toy roughly.

"Why should I stop? You seems to be enjoying it... " The drunk guy pumps it even harder.

"Ahhhh! NO!! Nghnn..." Yabu clenching tightly on the fence in front of him, moaning in pain.

"Hmm.. something seems to be inside..." The drunk guy said, and pull out the big toy in one shot.

"AHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!" Yabu shout out in pain when the toy was roughly remove from his hole. Yabu drop on the floor and pants heavily.

"Hontouni yarashi na... You actually keep this kind of thing inside of you..?" The drunk guy said and used his fingers to dig out the cum inside of Yabu.

"Nghhnnn... ahh.. yada..." Yabu lay on the floor moaning, feeling all of Hikaru's cum flowing out of him, and he has no energy to resist anymore.

"You actually keep this kind of thing inside of you? Looks like this can be of good use..." The durnk guy keep using his finger twitching and thrusting inside of Yabu hole, making the cum inside of him flowing out, and he start covering his member with the cum, aiming his member at Yabu hole.

"Ya..ha..da.." Yabu pants weakly, he tried his best to resist but his body felt heavy, and his head is spinning.

'Hikka.. Hikka.. tasukete... hikka...' Just when Yabu give up struggling, he wishes deeply in his heart that Hikaru would come and save him.......


By the time Hikaru reached the place and met up with Yuya and Daiki the rain had already stopped, so they decided to split up to find Yabu.

Hikaru search around eagerly, suddenly, he heard someone calling him.

"!? Kou...?" Hikaru open his eyes wide, and look around, he thought he just heard Yabu calling out to him.

Just when he thought he was just imaging things, he hear it again.

'Tatsukete hikka...'

"....?! Kou! Kou where are you?!" Hearing it again, Hikaru believe that he's not imaging it. Hikaru can't stand it anymore, he start calling out Yabu's name loudly.

'Hikka... Hikka..."

Hikaru start following the voice he keep hearing, and turn into a dark alley. The moment he turn in he saw two shadow at the end of the alley.

"Ya.... ha...da..." Hikaru heard someone moaning, and find that voice familiar.

"!!! Kou!!" Hikaru realise that's Yabu moaning and run towards them.


"I'm going in now... Arghh!" Just when the drunk guy was about to enter Yabu, he give out a painful scream.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM! HE'S MINE!" Hikaru shouted, while running towards them, Hikaru grab a wooden stick and hits the drunk gut hard.

"Arghh..." The drunk guy just drop down moaning in pain.

"Kou!!!" Hikaru can't believe what he saw, Yabu's half nake, his hole overflowing with cum. Hikaru felt his blood shoots up to his head.

"HOW DARE YOU!! YOU BUSTARD!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?!" Hikaru start bashing up the drunk guy.

"I...arghh..stop..I never do anything... I swear! I just play with the toy inside of him, I have not touch him.. please stop hiting me..." the drunk guy cover his head shivering, afraid that Hikaru will beat him again.

"Nghnn..Hikka... ha..." Just then, Yabu moan weakly.

"Kou!" Hikaru turn back and look at Yabu again, he saw the toy the drunk man was saying, and realise those cum was his. But he still can't forgive what the drunk guy trying to do Yabu, he gave a hard kick at the drunk guy abdomen, and went to Yabu.

"Kou.. Kou.. I'm so sorry.. I really am.. what should I do if you don't ever gonna forgive me.." Hikaru hug Yabu protectively, keep repeatingly apologize.

"Shh.. Hikka.. I'm glad that you remembered..." Yabu rise his hand weakly touching Hikaru's face whisper weakly, shivering from the cold.

""Kou.. I'm so sorry... so sorry..." Hikaru start sobbing when he felt Yabu's cold hand touching his face. He really felt so regretful he did this to Yabu.

"As long as you remembered, I forgive yo-..." Yabu voice getting weaker, and fainted.

"Kou!!" Hikaru hugs Yabu's cold body tightly in his arm, and realise that despite the fact that Yabu's cold body, he's actually having a high fever.

"Hikaru! Quick bring Yabu to my house!" Yuya's voice suddenly pop out.

"Un.. un!" Yuya's voice let Hikaru snapped out of it and carry Yabu in his arm and run to Yuya house.


Hikaru gently lay Yabu on Yuya's bed, after changing Yabu's wet clothes to dries one. But Yabu's fever is still very high,Hikaru look at Yabu worriedly.

"He'll be fine... You should change into something dry too..." Daiki told Hikaru.

"But..." Hikaru still holding on to Yabu's hand tightly, unwilling to leave Yabu sides.

"We'll take good care of him. You should change first before you fall sick too, if you fall sick, you can't take care of Yabu chan anymore." Daiki said again.

"... hai..." Hikaru sigh heavily and agree to what Daiki had said, he can't get sick now, not now when Yabu need him the most, and leave Yabu side unwillingly.

"Poor Yabu chan... he must have went through alot..." Daiki said, as he changed the cold towel on Yabu's head.

"Yuyan..?" Getting no reply from Yuya, Daiki turn around and saw Yuya playing with his phone.

"YUYAN! What are you doing?! Now is not the time to play with phone!" Daik snap at Yuya.

"No, am not! I'm giving my uncle a call, he's a doctor, maybe he can help Yabu kun." Yuya said still searching for his uncle number.

"I see... sorry for snapping at you, I thought you don't care for Yabu kun at all." Daiki apologize.

"It's ok." Yuya gave Daiki a wink.
"Moshi Moshi ojisan, it's me Yuya. My friend is very sick, can you come over to my house now? Only after 10pm... ok we will try to keep his tempreture down for now." and continue on his phone with his uncle.

"So how was it?" Daiki asked.

"He will only be free by 10pm.. Looks like we have to keep his tempreture down till then." Yuya said.

"Whose coming by 10pm?" Just then Hikaru finish changing and came out, hearing what Yuya said.

"Oh, my uncle. He's a doctor. Since we can't sent Yabu kun to the hospital, so I think of asking my uncle to come over. But he will only be free after 10pm..." Yuya told Hikaru.

"I see.. Thanks a lot Yuya.. I'm giving Inoo a call he must be worried sick too.." Hikaru said and gave Inoo a call.

"Un.. we found him. We're at Yuya house now... Un.. will update you again." Hikaru end his call with Inoo, and went back to Yabu side.

"Kou..." Hikaru sit down beside Yabu, holding on to his hand.

"Ha.. Hikka.. un..." Yabu moaning in his sleep.

"Kou, I'm here... I will always be here for you..." Hikaru holds Yabu hand tighter.

Yabu felt Hikaru grabbing on his hand tightly, and felt relief. But he still feels very bad, he's rear is hurting badly, not only his rear his whole body feels weak and pain....


Finally Yuya's uncle came.

"Sorry for the trouble and thanks for coming Keiichi ojisan." Yuya answered the door and greeted his uncle.

"It's ok, where is your friend?" Keiichi asked.

"Here.." Yuya lead his unlce to the room where Yabu and Hikaru is at.

"Ah.. Konbanwa..." Hikaru greeted Yuya's uncle when they walk in.

"Hikaru, this is my ojisan, Takaki Keiichi. Keiichi oijsan, that's Yaotome Hikaru, and the one that's sick is Yabu Kota." Yuya introduced.

"Really thanks so much for coming.." Hikaru bow and thank Keiichi.

"You're welcome, is not like my nephew will look for me if it's not important." Keiichi said and went up to check on Yabu.

"So can you tell me roughly tell me what had gotten him this sick..?" While checking Keiichi asked.

"I..." Hikaru feel hesitaten to tell, and look at Yuya.

"Don't worry, I just want to know what happen, I won't let anyone else know. That's why Yuya called me right?" Keiichi reassured Hikaru. Hikaru look at Yuya again, and Yuya gave him a nod.

So, Hikaru spit put everything, from how he rape Yabu till how long Yabu had being walking in the heavy rain, till how he nearly got rape by another person.

After Hikaru finish his story, Keiichi sighed heavily. Now he understand why these boys don't send Yabu to hospital.

"Looks like I'll have to clean his hole... You guys hold him down, prevent him from struggling too much." Keiichi said.

"Ok." Both Yuya and Daiki answered.

"Wait... must it be all of us..? Can't it just be me..?" Hikaru asked.

"Nope, I need help from all of you." Keiichi confirm once again.

".... ok.. hold on a moment. Oi you two, bring out your MP3.." Hikaru said, get up and went to take something.

".....?" Both Yuya and Daiki look at each other, confused. But still went to take their MP3.

Hikaru came back with 2 blindfold in his hand.

"Wear this and blast you mp3, if you see any parts of Kou chan, I will make sure you'll be blind forever! And will be deaf if you heard any of his moan!" Hikaru said ruthlessly while staring at both of them.

".........." Both Yuya and Daiki went speechless, but still did what Hikaru ask them to.

"Ok we can start now." After making sure the both of them follows his rule, Hikaru turn back to Keiichi and signal him that he can start.

Keiichi start taking off Yabu's pants, he let's Yabu lay on Hikaru arms, so that he can hold on tightly to Yabu's body and ask Yuya and Daiki to hold on tight to Yabu's legs

"Now I'm gonna clean his wound, it's gonna sting, and I'm sure he will start struggle, make sure to hold him down tightly." Keiichi said, and start cleaning the wound inside Yabu's hole.

"AHHHH!!! NGHNN!!" Yabu start struggling hard and scream in pain when the alcohol touched his wound. It hurts badly.

"Kou! Daijoubu. Hang in there, it will be over soon." Hikaru hug Yabu tightly.

" Nghnn.. ah.. itai.. yada.. unn.. ha..." Yabu still struggling, wanting to close his leg but can't since Yuya and Daiki is holding them tightly.

"Itai.. arghh.. ahhh.. mmmm!" Yabu can't stand the pain anymore, and bite Hikaru arm in front of him while arched his back up in pain.

"Itai!" Hikaru moan but stil let Yabu bite him.

"Ahh.. ahh.. no.. nghnn.. ha.. ha.." Yabu moaning turn from pain to sweet moaning sound.

"Keiichi san..?" Hikaru ask as Yabu moan suddenly change.

"This means it's almost done, we need to let him release one time and it will be done. After saying, Keiichi starts to cleaning again.

"Nghnn.. ahh.. ha... Hi-hikka.. ha.. ahh..unn... unn.." From the moaning sound, Hikaru know Yabu's close to cumming soon. Hikaru felt complicate about letting another guy making Yabu cum, but he got no choice.

"NGHNN!! unnn.. mmmm" Yabu bite onto Hikaru's arm tightly again, to prevent his moaning from comming out.

"Hang in there, is gonna be over soon!" Hikaru still comforting Yabu, while Yabu is biting Hikaru hand so tightly that it's start bleeding on Hikaru's hand.

"UNNNNN!! UNNN!! AAHHHHHH!!!! haa.. haa.." Yabu gave a loud scream, released and pants.

"Kou.." Hikaru look at Yabu worriedly.

"Hikka.. gome.. ha..." Yabu rise his hand weakly and touch Hikaru's arm where he bite on just now.

"It's ok, that's not a big deal compare to what I did to you..." Hikaru gently stroke Yabu hair.

"ha..ha..." Yabu feels so tired and fall asleep.

"Err... sorry.. but is it done? can we take off now?" Daiki ask, while him and Yuya still holding Yabu's leg wide apart.

"Yeap we're done, u can let go of his leg, but don't u dare take off that blindfold now!" Hikaru pull off both of their earpieces and said.

"Hai.." Both of them answer reluctantly.

"I mean it!" Hikaru said again.

"Hai, hai. we got it, faster get Yabu chan dress up so we can take it off." Daiki reassured Hikaru that they won't take the blindfold off till he've finish helping Yabu dress up.

"I've gave him a shot of pain reliever, he should be able to sleep peacfully till tomorrow morning." Keiichi said while Hikaru cleaning Yabu up.

"Un.. Thank so much." Hikaru said.

"Remeber not to be so rough on him again. Here's the medician for him. I need to go now, take care." Keiichi said while putting a bandage on Hikaru's arm.

"Thank again Keiichi ojisan." Yuya said.

"Your welcome. Gotta go. See ya guys around." Keiichi said and left.

"Phew... now what?" Yuya asked.

"I'll call a cab and bring Yabu home.." Hikaru said.

"Now?! Just let him rest a night here, and let him go back tomorrow when he feel better." Yuya said.

"You sure? It won't be a bother?" Hikaru ask again.

"Yup, just rest in my room with Yabu kun. I will be at the living room, call me if you need anything. But now, I'm sending Dai chan home first." Yuya said.

"Take care both of you. Hope Yabu chan will get better soon~" Daiki said cheerfully.

"Hai.. Ok.. Thanks alot Yuya." Hikaru thank Yuya.

Yuya wave his hand and walk out with Daiki.


Hikaru went back to the side of sleeping Yabu. Yabu's breathing weakly, but not in pain anymore. It makes Hikaru felt more relief. Suddeenly Hikaru feels very tired and fall asleep beside Yabu.

Yuya came home and saw the both of them holding tightly to each other hand while sleeping, Yuya smile to himself and close the door quitely....


sorry for taking so long to update (>.<) and sorry if this turns out crappy. REJOICE! there will be an Epilogue~~~ XD but doubt that there will be anyone reading =x
aranathaaranatha on November 26th, 2013 03:58 am (UTC)
finally, updated ^o^/ *blushing madly*
and they make up in the end
so hikka,don't ever lost your trust on yabu later ne~~
山田リン (Rin Walker)yamada_lin on November 26th, 2013 05:45 am (UTC)
I like the part where Hikaru tell Daiki and Yuya to blindfold and listen to Mp3 xD