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02 December 2013 @ 08:30 pm
Forgetful Yabu  
Title: Forgetful Yabu
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: oneshot,yaoi,smut
Warning: This chp is contains heavy SEX SCENES and is a fic Hikaru as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept!
Summary: it's hikaru's birthday, but seems that Yabu forgets about it again.

"Kota~~~~" Hikaru whines.

"Hmmm..?" Yabu still busy reading his script for Johnnys World.

"You forget again didn't you?" Hikaru ask.

"Hmmm? What did I forget..?" Yabu still reading his script.

"Mou! you DID forget!" Hikaru pouting now.

"Ah...! It's our anniversay today!" Yabu suddenly remembered.

".... that's all you remember..?" Hikaru looks down.

".... hmm.. ah! your birthday's tomorrow!" Yabu finally realised.

"Took you long enough to remember." Hikaru sighed.

"Gomen gomen.. I was too busy.." Yabu apologize.

"I know.. but still.." Hikaru pouts, he can't believe for 2 times straight Yabu forgets his birthday.

"Uuu..then.. then.. I..i.. will let you do whatever you want tonight.." Yabu said while blushing and he's voice getting softer as he leans on Hikaru.

"Really?!" Hikaru's eyes beamed.

"Un..." Yabu nodded shyly.

'Shall not let him know my next day schedule... He won't be able to have fun...' Yabu hides his tight schedule for tomorrow, despite the facts that he knows very well what will Hikaru do to him tonight.

"Yosha! I'm all hype up!" Hikaru said smiling happily.

Yabu showing his no eyes smile too.


After work in the evening, Hikaru pull Yabu out of their work place and bring him to his house.

"Hikaru! Slow down!" Yabu shout.

"Nah, can't wait, you've been so busy lately, I want you so much now." Hikaru said.

"..... mou.." Yabu mumble, looks like tomorrow he will have a tough time at work.

Hikaru close his door and locks it. Turn around and look at Yabu with his lustful eyes.

"Don-don't look at me like that..." Yabu advoid looking at Hikaru's eyes. Just by looking at it, Yabu can feels that Hikaru wants him badly.

"How do I look like now...?" Hikaru ask in his low voice at Yabu's ear.

"Unnn.. Yo-you look like you're gonna eat me..." Yabu moan slgihtly when Hikaru speak closely to his ear.

"Yea.. I'm..." Hikaru whisper more to Yabu's ear and pushed Yabu to the bed.

"Hikka...?" Yabu lay on te bed looking at Hikaru.

"Are you ready to receive your pushiment for forgetting my birthdat twice..?" Hikaru ask seductively.

"Un..unn.." Yabu nod shyly.

"Then let get started..." Hikaru walk to his side drawer and bring out a box.

"What's that...?" Yabu ask softly.

"Your pu-ni-shi-ment~~~" Hikaru said and open the box. Inside the box, there's all sort of toys, from small to big and all kinds of shape.

"!!!" Yabu eyes widen as he see all the toys.

"Ja... which should I use first..." Hikaru picking his toys.

"Hikka... I..." Yabu regreted not telling Hikaru that he's having a busy schedule tomorrow, just when he was about to tell, it was too late.

"Ja, I'll use this then! This is small, but the vibrating speed will makes you feel good!" Hikaru pick a small vibrating egg, with his eyes sparkling.

"Eh.. Hikaru matte.. ahh.. unnn..." Before he can finish, Hikaru spread open Yabu's leg and put some lubricant in his hole.

"I'm putting it in now." Hikaru said and push the small toy into Yabu.

"Eh... no wait.. unn.. ha.." Yabu felt the small toy slide into his hole.

"Now, let's start with low speed first!" Hikaru said and turn on the toy.

"Ahhhh!!! UNnn.. unn... Hikka.. ha.. ahh.." Yabu feeling alot from the vibration. He's twitching and turing on the bed moaning Hikaru's name.

"Heh.. you're feeling so much from low speed?" Hikaru looks at Yabu twitching on the bed, and turn up the speed.

"UNNN!! ahhhh!! haa!! ahhhh!!" Yabu moan out loudly, arching his back up in pleasure.

"Yarashi na... now let's max it." After saying, Hikaru max the toy speed.

"AHHHHHH!!! no... ha... unnnn...." Yabu struggling more on the bed. Twitching left and right.

"Dou...?" Hikaru ask as he look at Yabu lustfully, and reach his fingers to Yabu's hole toying with it togther with the toy inside of Yabu.

"Ha.. ahhh.. unn.. Ki-ha.. kimochi.. unnnn... Ahhh.. cumming.. cum- unnnnn!!!" Just when Hikaru's finger insert into his hole, Yabu released.

"Eh.. so fast...? Looks like I'm not the only one whose holding back huh..." Hikaru said and put out the small toy.

"Unnn.. ahh!" Yabu give a loud moan as the toy being pull out.

"Now lets try this... " Hikaru now holding a bigger toy, it's almost the same size as Hikaru's member, but slightly smaller.

"Ha.. ha.. Hikka.. ha.. un.." Yabu pants as Hikaru spread his legs again while Hikaru put a pillow at Yabu's back which make Yabu's hole showing clearly to Hikaru.

"Ah.. your hole is opening and closing by itself.. The previous toy felt so good? Then lets try this..." Hikaru aim the toy at Yabu's hole and start pushing in toy.

"Ahhh!! Unn.. ya... ahh.. ha... big... unn... ahh.." Yabu moan loudly as he felt the big toy enters him.

"But, it's still smaller then mine right...?" Hikaru ask and push in the toy roughly in one shot.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Yabu arched his back up in pain screaming, while clenching tightly to the bedsheet, when the toy was push in roughly.

"Ha... it's in.. dou...?" Hikaru ignore Yabu's scream and start pumping Yabu with the toy.

"Un.. ah.. itte.. unnn... ahh...ahh.. unn.." Yabu clenching his hand tightly on the bedsheet moaning.

"Really...? How about like this...." Hikaru said and start to pumps the toy towards Yabu's sweet spot.

"Nghnn! ha.. ahh.. unn.. unn... haa... kimochi... ha.. ahh..." Yabu's moaning start turning sweet as Hikaru repeatly touching his sweet spot.

"Good right..." Hikaru pumps the toy faster and and use his hand to start stroking Yabu's member.

"Ahhhnnn!! No... ha.. not.. unn.. not together.. ahhh.." Yabu twitching his back while arching his back up in pleasure.

Hikaru keeps pumping Yabu's at his back and front, till Yabu release again.

"Ha.. ha..." Yabu pant's heavily after he's second release.

"Ha.. looks like you're well prepared, now it's my turn..." Hikaru remove his pants, aim his member at Yabu's hole and insert it in one shot.

"Ahhh! atsui.. unn..." Yabu felt Hikaru's member enter him.

"Dou.. it's better then those toys right..?" Hikaru start pumping himself in Yabu fast and roughly.

"Ahh.. unnn.. unn.. unn.. Hi-hikka.. ahh.. ha.. ahh.." Yabu moaning in pleasure.

"Ahh.. so tight.. and good... ha... Kou... ha..." Hikaru moaning in pleasure too.

Through out the night, Hikaru just keep thrusting inside of Yabu, and released lots of time inside of Yabu. Suddenly Hikaru pull out from Yabu and walk away.

"Unn..!" Yabu moan softly when Hikaru pulls out from him.

Hikaru walks back with 2 chairs in his hand and place it at the side of the standing mirror.

"Kou, come here..." Hikaru ask Yabu to come over to where he is.

"Unn..." Yabu drag himself limply towards Hikaru.

"Oh la! Let's continue..." Hikaru caught Yabu before he fall down, he carry Yabu infront of the mirror, and make his legs rest on both of the side of the chair.

"Ha.. Hikka.. no more.. please.. ha.." Yabu still panting.

"Nope, this is pushniment, you must let me do till I'm satisfy~ Now look at the mirror.." Hikaru grin.

"Ha.. hai.." Yabu's feels very weak now, but still decide to go along with Hikaru, since he is the one who agree to let Hikaru to do whatever he wants to him.

"Look carfully.. I'm going in now.." Hikaru said and start to enter Yabu again.

"!!!" Yabu's eyes widen when he sees Hikaru's large member enters him.

"Can you see how your hole is taking in my member...?" Hikaru use his low voice speaking to the side of Yabu again.

"Unnn!! ahhh.. haa.. Hi-hikka.." Yabu can't believe that his actually taking in Hikaru's large member so easily, and shut his eyes and moan.

"Open your eyes! I want you to see how I do you~" Hikaru pumps Yabu upwards roughly while odering Yabu to open his eyes.

"Nghnnn! ahhh!! Ya..da.. unn.. ha-un hazukashi.. unn...ha.." Yabu open his eyes again, only to see the place that they are connected is overflowing with Hikaru's cum.

"Ahh.. you feel good when you can see right... I can't feel that your wall around my member is getting tigher..." Hikaru said and start thrusting Yabu fast.

"Unn. unn.. ahh.. ahh..haa.. Hi-hikka.. ahh.." Yabu got no where to grab, he only can hold on to Hikaru hands.

"So tight.. ha.. we should do this pose more huh.." Hikaru give Yabu a few more deep thrust and release again.

"AHHHH!! hnnnn!! ununnnnn!!!" Yabu released as he felt Hikaru liquid release inside of him again.

"Ha.. ha.. Kou...? KOU!" Hikaru pants as he felt Yabu's weight in his arm.

"Ha.. ha.. Hikka.. no more..ha.. please.. haa. unn.." Yabu pant weakly and plead.

"Un.. ok.. I'll stop now.." Hikaru shock to see Ybau so weak, he can feel that Yabu's shivering, and pull out his member immediately.

"Unnn!" Yabu moan loudly and pant in Hikaru's arm.

"Kou! Shikari! Kou!" Hikaru lightly shake Yabu.

"Unn... ha.. ha.." Yabu still panting.

"Gomen.. I over did it again... let me help you clean up.." Hikaru said and carried Yabu to the bathroom.

"Daijoubu... Happy Birthday..." Yabu wishes Hikaru weakly.

"Thanks... You're the best present I could ever receive.." Hikaru bent down and kissed Yabu.

Yabu look back at Hikaru and smile weakly.

"Let's get you clean up, and rest." Hikaru said start cleaning Yabu...


The next day, Hikaru wake up in the afternoon and couldn't find Yabu. He looks everywhere, and saw a paper that's drop on the floor.

His eyes widen as he sees Yabu's schedule. It's all fully pack with Johnnys World rehesal and other shooting. Now Hikaru felt bad that he do Yabu so hard last night. Just then Hikaru's phone ring.

"Moshi Moshi.. Yaotome desu." Hikaru answered the phone.

"Hikaru kun? Fuma desu.. While we're practicing for Johnnys World, Yabu kun fainted..." The rest of what Fuma said didn't get into Hikaru anymore, as he is already rushing to the Jimusho.


"Kou!! where's Kou.. ha ha ha..." Hikaru pants, the moment he stepped into the Jimusho, Hikaru started shouting.

"Hikaru kun! Kochi!" Fuma heard Hikaru shouting and went to get him.

"Where's Kou?" Hikaru as again.

"Inside the resting room, he's already having a high fever this morning we asked him to go home but he won't listen, and just now he just suddenly fainted. So we got no choice but to call you" Fuma explained.

"Sou.. Sankyuu... Kou.. Kou.." Hikaru squat down beside Yabu and softly calls out to Yabu.

"Hnnn.. Hikka..? What are you doing here?" Yabu open his eyes and ask weakly.

"Do you still have to asked? Why didn't you tell me you've got a tight schedule? Why did you force yourself to do it with me. Why-" Before Hikaru can ask more question, Yabu give Hikaru's lip a kiss.

"Baka, I didn't force myself to do it with you, it's because I wanted to do it with you that's why I didn't tell you..." Yabu answer weakly.

"Kou..." Hikaru hug Yabu tightly.

"Ahem... Sorry to disturbe.. but we're still here...." Fuma said, and make Hikaru realise that Sexy Zone is still with them.

"Gome.. I'll bring Kou to the doctor and bring him home, thanks and sorry for the trouble." Hikaru thanks Fuma again and carry Yabu in his arm and bring Yabu to the doctor.


After going to doctor, Hikaru bring Yabu home and make him rest.

"Gome... It's your birthday, and you had to take care of me..." Yabd said sadly.

"Daijobu.. I'm the one who make you in this state..." Hikaru said and bend down to give Yabu's forehead a kiss.

"I love you... Happy birthday..." Yabu wishes Hikaru again.

"Un.. me too... thank you.. Now rest.." Hikaru said while holding on to Yabu's hand tightly.

"Un..." Yabu reply and falls a sleep.

Hikaru smile while looking at Yabu falling a sleep.

'Thank you Kou.. Thanks for giving in to me even you have such a tight schedule... thanks for being by my side... love you' Hikaru said softly to himself...

Sorry for this weird ending @@ this is totally a rushed out piece just for Hikaru's birthday~ XD hope you all enjoy it~

☆miNt | ミント: a ☆ mistletoebigbang_mint on December 2nd, 2013 03:37 pm (UTC)
so hot / / / w / / / )
yabu is really kind that he still doing that for hikaru
but hikarruuuuu you need to be more patient
inookei_22inookei_22 on December 3rd, 2013 05:51 am (UTC)
Hika is just so rough! *but that's make it hoooot~*
Yabu sure loves Hikaru so much nee, he want to do it with Hika until he doesn't tell how tight his work are...

Thank you so much for this!
I was in the middle of my study,
and was bored to death until I find this~