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17 December 2013 @ 01:20 pm
Arrogant Love 2: 君を守りたい Chp 1 (Kimi o mamori tai / I want to protect you)  
Title: Arrogant Love 2: 君を守りたい Chp 1 (Kimi o mamori tai / I want to protect you)
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: InooBu
Rating: NC17 to be safe for this chp =x
Genre: chapter,yaoi,smut
Warning: This fic is Inoo as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept! and evil Daiki at furture chp! =x This is a second season (sort of) from my previous fic Arrogant Love, you don't have to read the Season 1 unless you want to know how they got together =x
Summary: After being together, Yabu find that he's unworthy of Inoo love. ( that's it, summary kill more of my brain cells than thinking of a plot to write =_= )

Yabu and Inoo had been together happily ever since they know their feeling for each other. Even though they've been together, it's still a secret in school, only Hikaru knows it, because Yabu wants it to be a secret.


"Ne Kota, why must we do this so secretly? Un..." Inoo said while thrusting inside Yabu at the student council office.

"NNghnn.. demo.. ah.. your fans.. ah.. will go crazy..un.. if they know..ahhh.. and.. ahh. ahh.. it will unn... ha...will spo-hnn..spoil your ahh..reputation... unn" Yabu moaning in pleasure while saying.

"Nghnn.. let them know... I want the whole school to know that you're mine.. and I don't care about reutation" Inoo said, bending down to kiss Yabu while thrusting deeper into Yabu.

"Ahhh..dame.. ngghhnn.. Kei.. ahh.. ha... unnnn!!" Yabu released when he felt Inoo released inside of him.

"Ha.. so good... Kota... suki... I really wish I could tell everyone you belongs to me.." Inoo whisper into Yabu's ear.

"Ha.. h.. dame yo... your fans will go crazy if they know that I'm with you... and it will affect your post as a student council..." Yabu pants under Inoo.

"Demo... I still can't help getting jealous whenever you're with Hikaru, and people around keep saying you two looks good when being together." Inoo pouts and said.

"You should know right? Hikaru is back with he's girlfriend, there's nothing between us..." Yabu pull Inoo closer and give he a kiss on his pouting lip.

"I know... But like I said, I just can't help getting jealous..." Inoo still pouting.

"Mou... you're being over protective... I'm yours, and only yours... unn..." Yabu said, and pull Inoo waist closer with his legs, making Inoo enter him deeper again.

"Yes you belongs to me, and only me..." Inoo said, and they start another enthusiasm round of it again.


They spent their 1hr of break time doing it...

"Ha... ha... ha...ha..." Yabu panting heavily on the table.

"Ha.. Kota.. daijobu..? ha.. looks like I overdid it..." Inoo looking at Yabu panting.

"Ha.. ha.. dai-daijobu.. unn... itta.." Yabu tried to get up but felt pain at his back.

"Kota! Yappari, I overdid it.... gomen..." Inoo look sad, he felt bad hurting Yabu again.

"Unn.. daijobu... It was good.. so don't worry about it.. I'll be fine.." Yabu smile gently at Inoo.

"Kota..." Inoo look at Yabu bright smile, the smile that can always make his heartbeat racing.

"Let's go, if not we're gonna be late for lesson." Yabu drag himself up and walk limply.

"Ha... okay...." Inoo sighed heavily and helped Yabu to the door and they go their seprate ways to their classroom.


After school Yabu go straight to the Student council office. Just when he was about to knock he heard voices coming from the office.

"Ne.. Kei chan~~" A seducing voice coming out from the office.

Yabu took a peek into the office to look at who is it. Yabu's eyes widen as he saw whose inside with Inoo. It was Arioka Daiki, another popular guy in the school becasue of his cuteness. Even his follower Takaki Yuya, is one of the school coolest guy in school.

"Kei chan~~~ break up with that neard and go out with~ I'm pretty sure I'm cuter and better than him~~ He's always look so neard and the way he cling to you is so disgusting..." Daiki said and cling himself to Inoo.

"....." Inoo keeping silent.

"Kei chan~~~ What so good about him? He's taller than you, not like me, I'm small and easy to pamper~~" Daiki whine.

"Indeed, you're cuter and better than him...." Inoo said.

"Kei chan~! I knew it! You'll choose me!" Daiki said happily and moving closer to Inoo's lip.

/Outside the office, after hearing what Inoo said Yabu felt a sharp pain in his heart. He closes his eyes when he saw their lips is getting closer and run away from the office..../

Just when Daiki's lip is about to touch Inoo's lip...

"But... too bad, I don't have that feeling towards you..."Inoo said coldly and push Daiki away.

"!? What?!" Daiki shouted.

"Are you deaf? I said I don't have that kind of feeling towards you! And who do you think you are commenting about Kota!" Inoo said coldly again, but this time with much more certainty.

"You... You....!!!" Daiki look at Inoo with resentment eyes and give a tight slap on Inoo's face.

"Heh... at least Kota isn't a spoil brate like you!" Inoo hold his face where he's being slap and said.

"You'll regret what you said and did to me! Let's go Yuyan." Daiki said angrily and ask Yuya to leave with him.


After school, Inoo meet Yabu at their secret meeting place.

"Kota~~!" Inoo happily called out Yabu name when he saw him.

But Yabu ignoring Inoo. But looking straight into Inoo's eyes with his sad eyes.

"Kota? What's wrong?" Inoo ask worriedly.

"Go find your #@$@$@$#@$" Yabu grumble softly.

"Huh? I can't hear what you said, Kota." Inoo putting his ear closer to Yabu mouth trying to hear what Yabu's saying.


"Uwaaaa! You don't have to shout. "You... You heard it...?" Inoo rubbing his ear in pain.

"Why are you still here, I thought you find yourself someone cuter and better than me.." Yabu said sadly.

"Puff... hahahahahha! You're really the best Kota.. hahahah.." Inoo laugh and walk towards Yabu and hug him.

"Go away! Why are you laughing?!" Yabu don't understand why Inoo is lauging, and it piss him off even more.

"Hahahahaha, Kota you're the cutest in my eyes you know." Inoo not answering Yabu's answer, and kiss Yabu on his lip.

"Wh-what are you doing!" Yabu push Inoo away again, but this time his face is flushing red.

"Kissing you~ Cause you're too adorable~" Inoo answered happily.

"What are you saying now?!" Yabu snapped again.

"I always thought that I'm the only who will get jealous, but you actually get jealous too~~ I'm so happy~~" Inoo said and hug Yabu happily.

"....???" Yabu look confused.

"There's nothing between me and Daiki, if you wanna peek, peek all the way till the end! He even give me a slap when I rejected him, see it's still red." Inoo explain and show Yabu the side where Daiki slapped him.

"Really...?" Yabu rise his hand and gently touched Inoo still slightly red cheek.

"Of course!""But.. but I'm not cute like him, I'm not samll in size for you to pamper me..." Yabu still sad, removing his hand from Inoo's face.

"What are you talking about?! Till now you still don't know my feeling for you?" Inoo grab hold of Yabu's hand.

"I've got no confident of being your lover... I'm not cute nor pretty, I'm all tall and not small in size for you to papmer... I-" Before Yabu can cnotinue talking Inoo kiss Yabu again, but this time, a deeper kiss.

"Unn.. ha.. Ke-kei.. unnn..." Yabu reply back to Inoo's kiss.

"Now you understand? My heart is for you and only you... No one else can live inside this heart of mine." Inoo hold Yabu's hand and put it at his heart.

"Un... but is it really ok...." Yabu lean against Inoo chest, but still unsure of himself.

"Stop asking that! If you continue this question I will get angry. You're the one I've chosen, have more faith in yourself." Inoo hug Yabu tightly.

"Kei...." Yabu hug back Inoo tightly....


Wanted to write a epilogue, but end up i'm writing a second season. LOL!! there's so many idea running in my mind, that i don't know which should i use or how should i use it (>_<) but i'll try my best :3
hidamari_hikarihidamari_hikari on December 17th, 2013 07:21 am (UTC)
I've been waiting for your post!i love it!
Still,i'm waiting for the drunk epilouge!>
inookei_22inookei_22 on December 19th, 2013 01:59 pm (UTC)
You made second season~
I'm really happy~
I love this one so so so so much!
I'll wait for the update nee~
*Dancing excitedly*