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23 December 2013 @ 09:18 am
Drunk ~Epilogue~  
Title: Drunk ~Epilogue~
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: oneshot,yaoi,smut
Warning: This chp is contains heavy SEX SCENES and is a fic Hikaru as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept!
Summary: ..... *Just read it, I'm too lazy to write summary (>_<) *

3 days had gone by, and Yabu is getting all better. After spending one night Yuya house, Hikaru brought Yabu back to his house in the morning. Even Yuya ask them to stay till a few more days, but Hikaru insist that they shouldn't be a bother, and brought Yabu home with him.


Hikaru lay on the bed, looking gently at the person sleeping peacefully in his arm. Hikaru smile to himself and give a kiss to the person head, which make the person slightly squirm and opened his eyes.

"Ohayo sleepy head~ how are you feeling?" Hikaru asked the person in his arm.

"Hnn... Hikka...? Ohayo... hmm.. all better..." Yabu reply sleepily while snuggling in Hikaru's arm, taking deep breath in Hikaru chest.

"Really? Till yesterday your fever is there you know." Hikaru ask worriedly.

"I'm all better now, really." Yabu said while looking at Hikaru chest, Hikaru only wearing a coat without any shirt inside of him.

"But.. Oi! Kou what are you doing!" Hikaru suddenly felt something wet licking his nipple.

"To proof that I'm really fine!" Yabu said and continue sucking Hikaru's nipple.

"Un.. Kou stop it... If you continue I won't be able to stop ah.. " Hikaru moan in pleasure.

"Try me. I'm not stopping!" Yabu continue teasing Hikaru.

"Oh, you're so gonna get it~" Hikaru said and pin Yabu on the bed, with him on top.

"Looks like someone is being turned on." Yabu grins at Hikaru.

"Oh yeah, I'm so turned on, and you're gonna be responsible for it..." Hikaru siad and start to unbutton Yabu's shirt.

"Of course I will." Yabu smile seductively.

"You're so gonna regret that you've turned me on..." Hikaru said while going lower and start licking and toying with Yabu's nipples.

"Ahnn.. ha.. Hikka.. unn.. kimochi...ha.. ahhh.." Yabu moan out pleasurably.

"I'll make you feel even better...." Hikaru said as he move lower to Yabu's member.

"Hi-hikka.. un.. more.. ha..hnnn.." Yabu moan louder when Hikaru put Yabu's member into his mouth.

"Ha.. Dou..?" Hikaru asked, and put Yabu's member deeper into his mouth.

"Nghnn.. good... ha.. ahhh.. hnnn! ya-yada un.. not ahh.. not there... unnn..." While Yabu was feeling good, Hikaru insert a finger into Yabu's hole without warning.

"You love it don't you, when I play with here..." Hikaru insert another finger into Yabu's hole.

"Unnnn! Ah.. Hi-hikka.. unn. ahhhh.. not so fast... unnnn..." Yabu twitching his back in pleasure, while Hikaru increase his fingers thrusting speed.

"Feeling good..?" Hikaru add another finger into Yabu's hole again.

"Ahhhnnn!! Ha... ahh.. go-good.. hnn... ahh.." Yabu clench on the bedsheet tightly while arching his back up from pleasure he's receiving.

"Kimochi...?" Hikaru asked and increasing his fingers thrusting speed while insert his finger deeper.

"Unnnn!! ahh.. Ki-ahh kimochi... unn.. ha.. ahhh.. unn... close.. ha..ah... UNNNN!!" Yabu released as Hikaru keep touching his sweet spot.

"Ah la, you cum from only my finger?" Hikaru said teasingly
"Ha.. ha.. ba-baka.." Yabu panting.

"Ja.. I'm going in now... Your hole looks like it's inviting me to go in... ha.." Hikaru lifted Yabu's hip and put a pillow under it, and spread Yabu legs wider while enjoying Yabu holes.

"St-stop looking! It's so emberassing!" Yabu said and move his hand to cover his hole.

"Who says you can cover it~? Now this shall keep your hand still." Hikaru pull both of Yabu's hand together and tied them to the head board.

"Ah! hanasei! Baka baka bak-" Before Yabu can shout more baka, Hikaru sealed Yabu mouth with a deep kiss.

"Hnn.. unn.. ha.. hnn.. UNNN!!!" While kissing, Hikaru suddenly enter Yabu without warning.

"Ahh.. so tight..." Hikaru said while moving deeper into Yabu.

"Nghhnnn!! ahh.. big... hnn..." Yabu tried to struggle, but can't.

"I know~~ and you love my big thing~~" Hikaru chuckle.

"Baka! ahhh! unn.. unn... haa... Hikka.. ahh.. unn.." Just when Yabu was about to scold Hikaru again, Hikaru start thrusting Yabu deeply.

"Can you feel it..? ha.. it's going all the way in...." Hikaru moving all the way in slowly, and moving out slowly, letting Yabu to feel his member going in and out of him.

"Ahhh... unnn.. ahh...hnnnn..." Yabu twitching his hip in pleasure, as he can really feel Hikaru's big and hard member moving in and out of him.

"Here, can you feel it...? Hikaru release one of Yabu's hand, and bring it to the place where they are connected, to let Yabu feel his thing entering him.

"Ahh.. ha-unn.. hazukashi.. unn.. ahh... unnn.. unnn..." Yabu moan getting louder as Hikaru thrusting speed start to increase.

"Haa.. so good.. Kou.. ha.. Kou..." Hikaru moan out Yabu's name while lifting up Yabu's hip to able to enter Yabu more deeper.

"Ahhhhh!!! Unnn! ah.. too deep... unnn.. Hikka.. ahhhhh.." Yabu moan out pleasurably.

Hikaru ignore Yabu complain, and continue to thrust Yabu deeply, hitting his sweet spot over and over again.

"Ahhhhh!! ahh! no not ahh.. not so hard.. hnnn.. ahhh.. cum-cumming.. ahhh... noo.. unnnn!!!!" The way Hikaru keep hitting Yabu's sweet spot makes Yabu climaxed.

"Ah, I-I'm close too... un.. unn!" Hikaru end his words and release deeply into Yabu.

"Hnnnn! Atsu... unnn...." Yabu moans as he felt Hikaru hot liquid released in deeply into him.

"Haaa... so good..." Hikaru pulls out from Yabu and remove Yabu's other hand from the head board.

But the moment he did that, Yabu push Hikaru on to the bed and sits on top of him.

"Kou...?" Hikaru look confusedly at Yabu.

"...." Yabu keeping silent, and gave Hikaru a smirk as he aim Hikaru's member at his hole.

"Oi! Kou, stop! Don't do it again, you've just recovered, you need to rest!" Hikaru tried to stop Yabu.

"Ha.. Ya-yada.." Yabu pants weakly and let Hikaru enter him again when he sits down on Hikaru's lap.

"Un.. Kou!!" Hikaru shouted again.

"Ya-yada.. unn.. ahh.. unn.. you're getting.. ahh.. ha-hard... unn.. again... ahhh.." Yabu moan as he move his hip up and down.

"Ahh.. Kou stop.. you.. un.. you've just recover.. ha.. don't over do it!" Hikaru shouted again, as he can see that Yabu's face is getting paler.

"Unn.. ha.. ahh. yada... the more ha.. the more you said..unn.. the more I will proof to you.. un... I'm fine... unn.." Yabu start to rider Hikaru faster.

"Kusou! You will really regret this!" Hikaru tried his best to hold back, but can't anymore, he hold Yabu's hip down, and start thrusting Yabu upward.

"Ahhhh!! Ki-kimochi... hnnn... hnnn.." Yabu start to moan out sweetly again as he start to ride Hikaru even faster.

"Kou.. sl-slow down.. ha.. you're going too fast... unn.." Hikaru feels that he's cumming soon if Yabu continue to ride this fast.

"Ha.. ahh.. Hikka.. unn.. Hikka..." They way Yabu ride is getting faster and faster.

"Unn.. Kou.. ha.. Kou mou iku.. Un!" Hikaru can't take it anymore and released into Yabu deeply again.

"AHHHH!!! uunnn.. ha.. ahh.." Yabu realeased on Hikaru stomach.

"Ha.. ha... Kou!!" While Hikaru was panting, he saw Yabu wobbling on top of him, but manage to catch hold of Yabu before he fall off the bed.

"Ha.. ha.. un.. ahh.. haaa.." Yabu panting heavily with his pale face.

"Yappari! You've over did it! You're having your fever again!!" Hikaru shouted.

"Ha.. ha.. dai-daijoubu.. at-at least it was great.. ha.." Yabu said as his consciousness is fading.

"Kou!! shikari..." Hikaru pulls out from Yabu slowly and start cleaning Yabu up.

"Hnn.. ha.. ha.." Yabu still panting weakly.


"Hnn... Hikka..?" Yabu opened his eyes and saw Hikaru looking at him worriedly.

"Phew.. Yokatta.. You're awake..." Hikaru said in relief.

"Hnnn..?" Yabu don't understand.

"Why did you do that? You should know clearly that you've just recovered. You should not do that so roughly to yourself!" Hikaru scold Yabu.

"But.. but... I'm fine!! See!!" Yabu tried to get up again, but fail as he felt giddy as soon as he sits up.

"Ok.. ok.. You win, you're fine. Now take a good rest. Please..." Hikaru look at Yabu with his worried face, which Yabu don't like to see.

"Fine... I... am really fin-.." Yabu still wanted to argue back, but he felt really tired and fall back asleep again.

"Baka... stop trying to push yourself by saying you're ok... You'll only make me even more worried for you..." Hikaru said and kiss Yabu gently on his forehead.

With this, Hikaru swear that he will never challenge Yabu again.

lololololol, random ending again ~.~ i'm really bad at writing an ending @@ sorry for all spelling / grammar / tenses mistake~~ hope you all enjoy it~ :P
hidamari_hikarihidamari_hikari on December 23rd, 2013 03:46 am (UTC)

yatta!at last..>