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05 February 2014 @ 12:16 am
Yabu's Ferries Wheel Birthday  
Title: Yabu's Ferries Wheel Birthday
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: one-shot,yaoi,smut
Warning: Like always, Hikka seme Yabu uke, don't like please don't enter.
Summary: Hikaru prepares a surprise for Yabu what is it?

"Kou~~ I've prepared something special for your birthday tomorrow~" Hikaru said as he plump onto Yabu's back, kissing Yabu's neck.

"Un.. Really? Wh-What is it~? ahh.." Yabu moaned in pleasure as he replied.

"Secret~ we'll be going there tonight~ be prepared~"Hikaru said as Hikaru lightly licked Yabu's ear lobe

"Baka, don't do that when there are other members around!" Yabu exclaimed, as he felt that other members were staring at them.

"Daijoubu~ They are fine with it. Deshou?" Hikaru turned around and gave the other members a deadly stare, warning them not to say no.

"Hai hai~~" The rest of the JUMP answered reluctantly.

"Anyway, meet me at my house at 7pm; I've prepared clothes for you." Hikaru said as he smiles.

"Why am I having a bad feeling about this..?" Yabu said as he shivered from that smile.

"Be careful ne, Yabu chan. Everytime Hikaru smiles like this, it only means he's planning something cheeky. You should know that better than me right?" said Inoo while he patted Yabu's shoulder.

"Hais... I guess so, maa ika.. See you all tomorrow evening for my birthday dinner." Yabu said cheerfully while saying good bye to all the other members.

At 7pm, Yabu stood in front of Hikaru's house and knocked on his door.

"Hai hai~ I know it will be you~" Hikaru said with a bright smile when he saw Yabu standing outside his house.

"Right..." Yabu felt a bit uneasy about Hikaru’s high sprit, wondering what he would be up to next.

"Come on don't be shy, it's not like this is the first time you've come to my house~" Hikaru said and pulled Yabu in.

"Hey! Don't pull! So where are we going tonight?" Yabu asked.

"Ta-DA~" Hikaru made a sound effect while he brought out 2 tickets.

"Wow! Amusement park ticket! Wait! Isn't this amusement park only allows couples to go in?" Yabu was very happy when he saw the tickets, but frowned slightly when he saw the name of the amusement park.

"Daijoubu, we're couple~" Hikaru still said happily.

"But... we're not normal couple..." Yabu said softly and sadness can be seen in his eyes.

"That's why I said daijoubu and asked you to come to my house~ hehe~" Hikaru smiled cheekily again.

"Huh...?" Yabu looked up to Hikaru with a confused look.

"Now, now. Go change, your clothes is already prepared in my bathroom~" Hikaru smiled widely.

"O..kay..." Yabu walked into Hikaru's bathroom and closed the door.
The moment Yabu closed the door, Hikaru covered his ears.

The next moment...

"YAOTOME HIKARU!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THESE CLOTHES!! I'M NOT GONNA WEAR IT!!!" Yabu shouted loudly, while Hikaru still covering his ears laughing.

"Maa, maa.. Chill down Kou~ just wear it till we get inside the amusement park, then you can wear it off~" Hikaru said.

"NO!" Yabu shouted.

"Come on Kou, just change you clothes already!" Hikaru plead again.

"I SAID NO MEANS NO!!" Yabu replied stubbornly.

"Fine, I'll just give the ticket to someone else then." Hikaru said and opened the door faking the he will go out.

"WAIT!! NO! .... Fine! I'll wear it! Remember this Yaotome Hikaru, I'll get back on you!" Yabu grumbled as he started to change.

"Hehe~ Hai~~" Hikaru pose a 'YES' pose without Yabu seeing it, and jumped around happily.


After fidgeting for 15mins...

"Mou!! This is so difficult to wear! Hikka, help me to pull this zipper up..." Yabu walked out with a long white one piece sexy dress, which fitted him so perfectly, it showed how good Yabu's body was.

"......." Hikaru was stunned as he saw Yabu walk out from his bathroom, and showed his naked back to him.

"Hikka..? Oi.. Yaotome Hikaru stop staring and help me pulls up the zipper?!" Yabu broke the silence.

"O-Oh.. gomen.. You just look too gorgeous.." Hikaru praised his lover, but instead of pulling up the zipper, he touched Yabu’s bear back.

"OI! NO TOUCHING!" Yabu flushed red as he felt Hikaru's touch.

"Ah.. Gomen... I will do it properly this time... There.. all done, you look so perfect!" Hikaru swallowed some of his siliva before pulling up the zipper, and praised his date to be again.

"Mou... What if people recognize me..? This is so embarrassing..." the taller man covered his flushing red face.

"Daijoubu, with this, no one would recognize you~" Hikaru said as he placed a long hair wig on to Yabu's head.

"Eh..?" Yabu eyes widen, he can't believe his boyfriend had prepared this much.

After almost 2hours of Yabu struggling on putting the wig on his head and applying make up on his face, they were ready to go.


When they reached the amusement park, the first thing they did was to eat at a restaurant for their dinner. After that, due to Yabu's wig, they decided not to ride something too fast, so they took some slow rides and now queuing for the ferries wheel.

"How was it so far, my princess~" Hikaru suddenly ask softly in lover’s ear, making the taller man jerk a little.

"Fun, but these clothes are in the way!" Yabu pouted, because he was too worried about the clothes and wig, he didn’t really enjoyed the night.

"But, you really look very good in these~" Hikaru smiled brightly.

"Baka." Yabu looked away, but Hikaru knows that Yabu is blushing really hard, because he saw how red Yabu’s ear lobe was.

"Come on, it's our turn." Hikaru pulled Yabu into the ferries wheel cabin.

The moment the cabin door closes; Hikaru eyed Yabu from head to toe with pure lust on his eyes.

"Wh-why are you looking at me like that..." Yabu shivered from the way his boyfriend stared at him.

"You should know why... The moment you wore these clothes, I've been holding back..." Hikaru answered in his very low voice, as he went closer to Yabu.

".... Then, to repay you for this wonderful night, let me help you with that..." replied Yabu shyly as he knelt on the chair, and bent down to un-zip Hikaru's pants, he brought out his lover’s hard member and putted it in his mouth.

"Ahh.. Kou.. so good... fas-faster.. ha.. ahhh..." While he moaned in pleasure, Hikaru slightly slid his fingers onto Yabu’s back on its way to his ass and pulled up the skirt and started rubbing Yabu’s hole from the underwear Yabu was still wearing.
"Unnn.. ahh..ha.. Ki-kimochi..?" Yabu asked while he was sucking his boyfriend’s big member.

"Ha.. hai.. kimochi desu... ha.. un..." Hikaru kept moaning in pleasure and brought out a lubricant from his pocket, pour some of it on his fingers, and went back to Yabu’s lower part. He removed his boyfriend’s underwear fully to look for his hole. When he felt the hole of his boyfriend; he started to tease it
"UNn!! Ba-baka..ahh..ya mete.. ahhh.. unn..." While sucking, Yabu felt something penetrated his hole. It didn't take him long to realize that it was Hikaru's finger.

"Don't stop, I'm making you feel good too..." Hikaru pushed Yabu's more to his member, and increased the number of fingers into Yabu's hole.

"AHHH.. yada... ahh.. unnn.. unn..." Yabu twitched his butt from pleasure, as he felt Hikaru's finger going in and out from his hole.

"You feel good right.. ahh.. Your hole is sucking my fingers so tightly too...." Hikaru now has 4 fingers going in and out of Yabu's hole, Hikaru scissoring them alternately, touching Yabu's sweet spot over and over again.

"AHHNNN... Ahhh.. Hikka... ahhh... unnn... unn...!!" While deep throating his lover’s member, Yabu's felt Hikaru's finger turning and spreading his hole from inside, and kept touching his sensitive spot.

"Ahh.. I'm close too.. let cum together..." Hikaru can feel that Yabu's hole is getting tighter, and his lover close on releasing.

"Unnn.. unnn.... NGhnnnnn!!!" While Yabu increased his speed on sucking Hikaru's member, the fingers that's inside of him, increased the speed as well, then both of them released together.
Hikaru rleased inside Yabu's mouth, making Yabu choke a little, while Yabu just released straight on his skirt.

"ka.. ka.. ba.. ka.. " Yabu coughed as he scolded Hikaru.

"Ha.. that was good... let's continue~~" Hikaru lifted Yabu up and placed Yabu on his lap, aiming his member at Yabu's hole and making Yabu sit down on it.

"NGHNNNN!!! Hi-hikka... ahhh... good... unnn..."when Yabu felt the penetration, he started riding on Hikaru by himself.

"Yarashi na~ it feels so good..?" Hikaru asked as he started to thrust inside Yabu upwards.

"AHHH!! Ki-kimochi... ahh.. Hikka.. motto.. unnn..." Yabu started riding faster.

Hikaru licks Yabu's nipple as Yabu was riding on him, and when they reached the highest point of the ferries wheel, both of them release again. It was exactly 12am.

"Ha.. ha..ha.." Yabu panted heavily on Hikaru's shoulder.

"Ha.. Happy Birthday Kou.." Hikaru greeted softly, as he pulled out from Yabu and turn Yabu back facing him and entered him again.

"UNNN!! ahh... Hi..ka... ahhhh.." Yabu moaned loudly again when he felt Hikaru entered him.

"HA.. still so tight after one round... " Hikaru started thrusting faster.

"NGHNNN!! haa! ahh! kimochi..unn.. Hikka..unn..fas-faster..ahhhh" Yabu moaned loudly and seductively as Hikaru kept on aiming for his sweet spot, pleading Hikaru to go faster.

"Sure, but my dear, are you sure? We’re reaching the lowest point soon, but then again even if we change back now, I think they will still see both of us naked..." Hikaru suddenly blurted it out.

"...?! UN.. yada..stop! unn..! no.. Hikka!! Take it out now! ahhh!!" Yabu was in too much pleasure to realize that they were reaching the starting point again. Yabu started to panic and started struggling, but Hikaru totally ignored it, and continued thrusting into Yabu in full speed, hitting his sweet spot over and over again.

"UNNN!! ya.. ahhh.. Hi..ka.. no.. unn..ahhh... ummmm! ummm!!" Yabu was still moaning and pleading loudly, and when they reached the lowest point, Hikaru suddenly covered his lover’s mouth and thrusted even deeper and faster.

UMMMM!! uMMMM...unn..unn.." Yabu clenched onto Hikaru's hand which was covering his mouth. He shut his eyes tightly and waited for the staff to open the door and let other people see what they were doing...
When suddenly……… A voice from the cabin speaker spoke

"Thank you for continuing your ride with us, please enjoy." Just when Yabu thought it was all doomed, the staff words made Yabu eyes widen. He turned his back and saw Hikaru trying to hold back his laughter and pointed to a note by the side of the cabin door.

*As this attraction is make for couple,
Feel free to stay as long as you want.
Just press the red button below and
We’ll know you want to continue the ride*

"Ahhahahah, you're so cute when you're panicked you know Kou, hahahaha" Hikaru was lauging loudly.

Yabu's face turn red, and tears start forming on his beautiful orbs, before he knew it, the tears started to run down non-stop.

"EH?! Kou? What happen? Don't cry.. Shh.. Don't cry..." Hikaru hugged Yabu from the behing, not minding the fact that he was still inside Yabu. He panicked a little when he saw Yabu's tears.

"Baka! baka baka baka baka! Do you know how scared I was?!" Yabu kept scolding his lover while sobbing.

"Shhh... gomen gomen, don't cry please.. You know it breaks my heart seeing you cry..." Hikaru gently spoke, he's really regretful now. He really hates it when Yabu cries.

"Baka..." Yabu still sobbed badly.

"Gomene.... Kou... so please stop crying..." Hikaru pleaded and started moving gently.

"Unn..! ahhh... Hika unnn.. baka... ahh..." Yabu started moaning in pleasure again as he felt Hikaru’s thrusts.
After a while
Yabu don’t know how many rounds they have done it in the ferries wheel, Hikaru just kept releasing his seeds inside of him. Before he knew it everything went black....


"Kyaaaa! Isn't that Yaotome Hikaru from Hey! Say! JUMP?! Kyyaaaa!"
"But whose that girl he's carrying? His girlfriend..? Kyaaa!!"
"That girl looks familiar... but she's so pretty! Lucky her!" fans noticed Hikaru as he carried Yabu gently in bridal style out of the cabin, covering Yabu face with his jacket.

"What's wrong with your girlfriend?" Asked the staff worriedly.

"She will be fine, just that we rode too much of this ferries wheel." Hikaru smiled and reassured the staff,


Yabu don't know how long he had passed out, but there were waves of pleasure that kept striking him.

"Un.. ahh.. ha..unnn..." Yabu’s moans went louder and louder.

"Haa.. what a lewd voice... let me hear more..." Some voice was speaking to him while thrusting inside him deeply
"UNNN! ahhh.. Hi-hikka..? unn... why..unn... ahhh.. where... aahh...!" Yabu opened his eyes, and found that his legs were widely spread. Hikaru was moving so deep inside of him, he can't even ask a full proper question.

"We're at the amusement park hotel... because even when you're not awake, you look so seductive... so I brought you here..." Hikaru licked his lip seductively, as he rose Yabu's hip up higher and went in deeper.

"AHH!! unn.. no.. ahh.. stop.. ha.. . unnn.. ahh..." Yabu moaned in pleasure.

"Haa... it's really good... you were really sucking me tightly when you're sleeping...." Hikaru said as he started to increase his thrusting speed.

"NOOO!!! AHH! unnn! unn.. no.. ahh.. not so.. un.. ro-rough.. ahh... ca-can't ahh.. walk.. unnn. aahh.." Yabu kept on with his struggle, cause if Hikaru kept thrusting him this roughly, he won't be able to walk when they go out for dinner with BEST.

"It's ok, I will carry you..." Hikaru ignored Yabu plead, still increased his thrusting speed.

"Unnn.. ahh.. bakaaa...aahhhh!" Yabu arched his back up as Hikaru hit his most sensitive spot.

"Heh, found it! haa.." Hikaru grined widely as he found it, and started thrusting that spot wildly.

Yabu gave up struggling and gave in to these waves of pleasure, he already lost count of how many times Hikaru had release inside him, how many poses they had change, and how many times he had released. Just when Yabu thinked about all this, everything went black again......



Yabu opened his eyes weakly and look around. His mind was still blank, but when he tried to get up, the sharp pain at his back brought back all the memories of last night’s events.

"#@%$#^$#%#$!! What have I done with Hikka last night?? How can I let him do me in a ferries wheel!!??" Yabu covered his face in shame as he grumbles to himself.

Yabu looked up again, looking for Hikaru, but he's no where to be seen. The moment he tried to stand, he felt sharp pain through his back, and fall with a loud 'THUD' onto the floor.

"KOU!? What happen? Are you alright?!" Hikaru as he heard the thud and rushed in to see Yabu in pain on the floor.

"NO! I'm not alright, you beast!! How many times did you do me last night at the ferries wheel and here at the hotel not making me stand at all?!!" Yabu shouted at Hikaru.

"Hmm.. let me count... maybe around 6 times in the ferries wheel.... and at the hotel.. hmmm..." Hikaru seemed to lost count on how many times he had done it with Yabu in the hotel.

"Ba-baka! Don't really go count it!" Yabu’s face flushed red, he can't believe he had done it with Hikaru so many times in the ferries wheel.

"But you are the one who asked me?" Hikaru asked innocently.

"Fine! But you're gonna carry me around anywhere I wanna go today!" Yabu said while pouting his plump lips.

"Sure~ It will be my pleasure." Hikaru smile widely as he kissed the birthday boy’s delicious lips.
And so that whole day, Hikaru just went on carrying Yabu everywhere they go, but when there were too much people watching them, Yabu would still request to come down and walk by himself.

ahahahaha i did weird endings again, and i got this idea from an Yaoi manga, can't really remember the title already XD and i wanna thanks a special someone who help me do some checking and edit to my fic, even though her ichiban is yama chan, she's a a die hard yabuhika shipper which don't want to be known XD i felt a bit shy when she ask to edit my fic, but i think she did a pretty good job XD

and for the other chp story, i will try to update them ASAP, no promises but i will try my best XD hope you've enjoy reading it (^-^)
sakuranbo0osakuranbo0o on February 5th, 2014 12:13 pm (UTC)
LoL...It was too much for Yabu~...XD