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23 February 2014 @ 01:16 pm
Kou chan's Valentine's Trouble  
Title: Kou chan's Valentine's Trouble
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: HikkaBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: one shot, yaoi,smut
Warning: heavy smut scenes.
Summary: Yabu is sick, but the cough syrup he drink is not cough syrup? (forget it, just read the story =_= )

"Tadaima...." Yabu dragged himself home and shouted, but all he got back was total silence.

"Still not home…?*cough* *cough* Hikka.." Yabu threw himself onto the bed and softly called out his lover’s name while coughing, he already experienced a bad day and what’s worse is he is now sick.

It's Valentine’s Day today, Yabu was really feeling bad. He really wished that Hikaru was by his side at that moment, but Hikaru was so busy filming for his drama.

"*cough* I remember Hikka putting his cough medicine somewhere here..." Yabu dragged himself again to the kitchen to look for the cough syrup.

"Ah, found it!" Yabu found a bottle deep inside a cabinet.

"Hmm.. it said 2 spoonful, I feel really bad... Maybe I should take a few more..." Yabu drank a total of 4 spoonful of the syrup.

"*cough cough* The taste seem different... ma ika..." Yabu walked weakly back to their bed....


20mins had passed...
Yabu didn't felt any better, in fact he felt his body getting hotter and hotter and he's getting really needy.
Yabu twitched his body on the bed.

"Nghnn.. why am I feeling so hot.. ahh..unnn..." Yabu can't take it anymore, his pants is getting tighter because of his harden member. He un-zip his pants, and started to pump his member.

"Unn.. ahh... haa.. unn..unnn.." Yabu pumped himself hard, biting on to the bed sheet trying to hold back his own lewd moaning voice.

"Unn! unn! unnnnn!!!" Yabu came within a minute; he had never come so fast before.

"Ah.. haa.. un.. nande... unn..." even though Yabu just cum, he felt he was hard again. He can't help it but pump himself again but this time harder.

"Motto.. unn.. Hikka.. ahh.. unn.. ahhhh!!" Yabu came again in just 5 mins.
Yabu started to feel afraid, what's wrong with his body? He had never come so fast before, not to say 2 times in 5 mins, and he still feel that he needs more.

"Ha.. haa.. unnn.. Nghnn! ahh.. unnn..." Yabu used some of his cum as lubricant, and aimed his finger at his hole.

"Nghnnn.. ha... ahh... unnn..." Yabu moaned lewdly as he felt his finger penetrated his hole.

"Ahhh!! Nghnn... ahh.. ha..." Yabu’s moans were getting louder, as he inserted more fingers into his hole.

"Ahh!! Hikka..!! Nghhnn!! Hikkaaa!!!! ahhhh!" Yabu came again, with only playing with himself
"Haa.. ha.. unn.. wha-whats wrong with me... Unn.. ha.. not enough.. unn... Need unn.. need more.... " Yabu can't even think properly now, all he want is something bigger to penetrate his hole. He crawled to the bedside, opened the drawer where Hikaru placed all sorts of toys.
Yabu picked a relatively big toy and a lubricant. He poured a fair amount onto the toy and aimed it at his hole.

"Ahhhhh!!! Nghh... ki-ahh.. kimochi.. unnn... ahh.. umm.. ahh.." Yabu moaned pleasurably as he felt the big toy entered him, he turn the vibration to high speed and started to pump the big toy in and out of his sensitive hole....


"Tadaima~~ Kou~~? Heard from Inoo chan you're not feeling well and so I came home early.." Hikaru reached home, and saw Yabu's bag on the sofa.
Seems like Inoo was telling the truth.

"Kou? Doko?" Hikaru started looking for his boyfriend.

"Hmm.. this is...? masaka...?" Hikaru walked into the kitchen and found the aphrodisiac that was in the cough syrup bottle....

"Ahh.. Nhgnn unnn..."
"Hnn..? Kou...?" Hikaru heard moaning coming from their room.

Hikaru walked towards the room, the moment he enter the room, his eyes widen.
Yabu's naked, his legs widely spread, moaning really loudly and a big toy vibrating in high speed inside his lover’s hole.

"Ahhhh.. UNn.. Hikka?! No! Nghhnn! Don- ahh.. don't look ahh..." the taller boy’s face flushed red when he saw HIkaru by the door, seeing him in that state. He wanted to close his leg and move away from Hikaru’s sight but it only made the toy touch his good spot.

"Ah ra? Heard that you're not feeling well.. Looks like you're just being needy huh..?" Hikaru looked at yabu lustully.

"No.. Unn.. I.. ahh.. unnn.. I.." Yabu can't even speak properly, with the younger just staring at him made him so sensitive.

"Hmm.. let me see... you seem to be using this toy wrongly... It should go in deeper like this...." Hikaru replied as he pushed the big toy all the way into Yabu's hole.

"AHHHHH!!! Ahhh!! haa.. no.. unn.. Hikka... ahh...!" Yabu moaned loudly and lewdly as the big toy went deeply inside him.

"You love it don't you?" Hikaru carried Yabu bridal style and placed him on his lap, and started pumping Yabu deeper and faster with the toy.

"AAAHHHHH!!! NOO!!! NGHHNN!! HIKKAAHHHH AHHHH!!!" Yabu moaned loudly in pleasure while he hugged Hikaru’s neck tight.

"Hmm.. i should turn the vibration to extreme speed too.." Hikaru pushed the toy all the way in and turn the vibration to extreme.

"NGHNNN!!! Hikka!! aah!! MOtto.. unn... Motto!!" Yabu started to plead for more.

"Sure..." Hikaru thrusted Yabu's hole with the big toy in its extreme speed deeper and faster, touching all of Yabu's sweet spot.

"Nghnn.. cumming.. ahh.. cumming... cum-.. NGHHHNNN!!!" Yabu immediately released.

"Wow.. That’s alot.." Hikaru was in shock, while pulling out the big toy.

"Nghh.. no.. ah... Haa. ha.. Hikka.. ha.. wha-what wrong with me.. unn.. not enough.. ahh.. More.. unn.. more.." Yabu panted hard on Hikaru’s shoulder.

"Kou..?" Hikaru started to get worried, he never saw Yabu like that before.

"Unn.. Hikka.. ahh.. I want more.. unn.." Yabu twitched in Hikaru's arms wanting more.

"Kou.. How much did you drink from that cough syrup...?" Hikaru asked.

"Unn.. ahh.. cough.. syrup..? unn.. ahh.. 4-4spoonful.. unn.. ahh.." Yabu still hugging Hikaru neck, still twitching in the younger boy’s arms.

"What?!" Hikaru shouted.

"NGhnn..?" Yabu looked at Hikaru with his cloudy eyes in confuse.

"That is actually not cough syrup.. That bottle actually contained high aphrodisiac..." Hikaru explained.

"Ehh..?!" Yabu widened his eyes.

"I normally use only a few drop on you when you don't feel like doing it with me... But you drank 4 spoonful of it..." Hikaru looked at the taller man worriedly.

"Nghnn.. haa. ha.. " Yabu wasn't really listening any more, he wanted it, so badly. Yabu pushed Hikaru on to the headboard.

"Oi Kou? Kou?! Nghhnnn... Ko-Kou..." Hikaru leaned against the headboard and watch Yabu un-zip his pants and started sucking his member.

Yabu gave Hikaru's member a few suck, and pour a fairly large amount of lubricant on Hikaru's member, give it a few more pumps, and aim Hikaru's member at his own hole and sit down.

"Nghnn.. ha.. Yappari.. unn.. Hikka's thing is the best.. ahhh..." Yabu start riding Hikaru fast.

"Ha.. Kou.. unn.." Hikaru can't resist Yabu's seduce and coordinate with Yabu's ride. While Yabu moves up Hikaru put his waist down, when Yabu moves down, Hikaru rise his waist up and let Yabu sit in deeply onto his member.

"Hi-hikka.. unn.. ahh.. kimochi... unn.. Hikka..ahh.." Yabu rides HIkaru harder and harder.

"Unn.. Kou.. slow down.. un.. oi..." Hikaru tried to stop Yabu from riding him so fast but it was no use. Hikaru gave in to Yabu. He pushed Yabu back onto the bed and spread Yabu's leg widely and started thrusting Yabu deeply and fast.

"AHHH!! motto! Hi-hikka.. unn.. motto!! ahhh!!" Yabu moaned lewdly in pleasure.

"Yes, babe..." Since it has been a long since Hikaru did Yabu, Hikaru just go with the flow, thrusting Yabu deeply, roughly and fast.

But Hikaru started to get worried as time passed by. It was almost 2hr since they started doing it but the effect of the aphrodisiac seemed to remain strong inside of Yabu body. Yabu still wanted more even if they had already been doing it for a very long time already. He's really worried about Yabu over exhausting himself.

"Ha.. ha.. nee-need more.. ahh.. Hikka.." Yabu wrapped his leg around Hikaru waist not allowing Hikaru to remove his member.

"No..ha.. Kou we need to stop.. if we continue your body won't be able to take it!" Hikaru tried to struggle free from Yabu, but it was no use.

"Nghh.. Hikka.. ahh.. motto.. ahh.." Yabu started moving his hip making Hikaru's member in and out of his hole.

"Kou.. please stop.. unn.. shikatanai... " Hikaru decided to make Yabu release a few more times just to see if it can lessen the effect of the aphrodisiac....


"Nughh..!! Hikka! Hikkaaahhhh!!!" Yabu realeased his 'Nth' time. By now it already has been almost 3hrs of just doing it, Yabu's face started to get pale, but the effect of the aphrodisiac didn’t seem to lessen.

"Kou that's it, we had to stop!" Hiakru said firmly.

"But.. ha.. un.. but.. I ca-can't ah... what's wrong with me...? unn.. Hikka.. un.. I can't stop.. unn..h-help me " Yabu started to get scared too, tears formed in his beautiful eyes. Yabu is really tired right now, but he can't help it but want more.

"Daijobu... I will help you with it..." Hikaru said and gently lay Yabu back on the bed and removed his member from taller man’s hole.

"Nghh.. haa.. ha.." Yabu panted heavily on the bed.

"We'll do this gently... I'll make you come as many times as you want..." Hikaru said and inserted his fingers into Yabu's hole and started touching his sweet spot, while the other hand pumped Yabu's member.

"Nghnn!! Ahh.. too much.. ahh.. not tw-two at the same time.. no .. ahhh!!" Just as Yabu ended his word, he released again...


Throught out the night, Hikaru let Yabu climax over and over till Yabu can't take it anymore and fall asleep due to exhaustion.

"Ha.. finally.." Hikaru lightly cleaned Yabu up and looked at his boyfriend worriedly.

"Ha.. ha.. ha..." Yabu still panting heavily with his pale face.

"Yappari.. fever..." Hikaru rested his forehead on to Yabu's and confirmed that his lover was having a high fever.

Hikaru worriedly looked at Yabu, he had never done his boyfriend for such a long time before, and he was pretty sure Yabu had over exhaust himself.

"Nghnn.. Hi-hikka.." Yabu use his sore voice to call out for the younger one.

"Kou! How are you feeling..?" Hikaru asked him worriedly, he felt pain inside his heart just seeing Yabu weak and pale.

"No.. good.. why did you even put that kind of thing inside a cough syrup bottle..unn.." Yabu grumbled in pain. Yabu's back felt sore and pain, even his hole felt like there’s still something stuck inside him.

"Gome.. I didn't expect that you will be able to dig this out.." Hikaru said regretfully, holding Yabu's hand tightly.

"Daijoubu... I will be fine soon...This year valentine seems to be rough too.. ne...? Love you Hikka.. Thanks for always being by my side..." Yabu placed his hands on top of his boyfriend’s hands.

"Kou... love you too..." Hikaru kissed Yabu deeply on the lip, and lay down beside the one he loves the most.

Yabu snuggled into his lover’s arms and fell into deep sleep, while Hikaru hugged Yabu protectively and fell asleep after...

lalalalala~ this is very very very late valentine's fic LOL! thanks again for that special someone who help me do some checking and edit to my fic :3 :3 :3 but still it's embarrassing >////
Matsuoka Yuki: Hikka-chan (Red Suits)yuukinanaka10 on February 23rd, 2014 07:42 am (UTC)
Heavy heavy SMUT..
But like it..
sakuranbo0osakuranbo0o on February 23rd, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
Poor Yabu~....>/////<
Hikaru be careful next time....>///<
Nice Fic...^////^
Yuki ChanYuki Chan on February 24th, 2014 04:29 pm (UTC)
i really like ur ff^^
this one as sweet as always XD
and… errr.. im waiting for "complicated" and "arrogant love" too yo 8(///^///)8
please update asap >////
inookei_22inookei_22 on April 7th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
oh my...
it was.... hooooot *pass out*
*awake to give proper comment*

Uwwwaaah I always loved your fic~
I mean, you always make just the best smut ever~
I specially like it best when you toetured Yabu hehehehe~

Thank you for sharing!