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27 February 2014 @ 08:56 pm
Arrogant Love 2: 君を守りたい Chp 2 (Kimi o mamori tai / I want to protect you)  
Title: Arrogant Love 2: 君を守りたい Chp 2 (Kimi o mamori tai / I want to protect you)
Author: tsukiyomi_aoi
Pairing/Subject: InooBu
Rating: NC17
Genre: chapter,yaoi,smut
Warning: HEAVY SMUT! This fic is Inoo as seme Yabu as uke! Don't enter if you can't accept! and evil Daiki at furture chp! =x This is a second season (sort of) from my previous fic Arrogant Love, you don't have to read the Season 1 unless you want to know how they got together =x
Summary: After being together, Yabu find that he's unworthy of Inoo love. Now that Inoo is not by Yabu's side, what will happen? ( that's it, summary kill more of my brain cells than thinking of a plot to write =_= )

Yabu laying in Inoo arm, finally calm down.

"Please continue to stay calm and listen to me..." Inoo looked straight into Yabu's eyes.

Yabu also looking back at Inoo's eyes, waiting for Inoo to tell him.

"I've been send to another school for 1 month exchange programs with Arioka san..."

"?!" Yabu frowned.

"Don't give that look, I'm afraid that when I'm gone he will ask his follower Takaki to find problem with you.." Inoo kisses Yabu forehead when he saw Yabu's frown.

"Find problem with me?" Yabu don't understand, he bearly know that Takaki person.

"Yeah, he's been Arioka san's follower for very long, I'm scared that this is a plot they plan, they want you out of my sight, and tell Takaki to do or say something to you, so you would leave me..." Inoo said as he hug Yabu tightly.

"Kei..." Yabu can feel Inoo shivering.

"Ne, Kota promise me something will ya?" Inoo asked while still hugging Yabu tightly in his arm.

"Hmm?" Yabu answer back softly.

Inoo softly whisper into Yabu's ear which make Yabu eyes watery.

"Un... I-i promise..." Yabu said and hug back Inoo tightly.

"Please becareful when I'm gone..." Inoo give Yabu a deep kiss after saying.


Yabu walking slowly in the school... It's been 1 week since Inoo went to another school for exchange programs, and everyday went pass without anything happen. Just when he think that it was just Inoo thinking too much, a shadow suddenly stand in front of him and stop his way.

"Ah.. gomen.." Yabu apologize and wanted to walk the other way but the person grab his hand.

"I-itte! Hanase!" Yabu start to struggle.

"Meet me at the back of sports gym after school, if not I will tell the whole school that you're doing this with the president of the student council..." The guy said and show Yabu pictures of him and Inoo making love.

"?!?!" Yabu look up with anger in his eyes, and widen as he saw it's Takaki Yuya, Arioka's follower.

"Ara, ara. Don't give me this kind of look. Remember to meet me at the back of sports gym after school if not, the whole school will know what had you been doing with our student president..." Yuya give a smirk as he light tap Yabu's face with those picture.

"....." Yabu shivering with fear and anger.

"Ja ne~" Yuya turn and walk away.

"Kei...." Yabu hug himself tightly, softly calling out Inoo's name.


"I-I'm here... anyone...?" After school Yabu did as Yuya said and went to the back of sports gym. But no one seems to be around.

".... Takaki san...? Ah! Unnn..." Yabu called out Yuya's name, but the next moment something hard hit the back of his head, and everything went black.


"Unn...?" Yabu wake up with a really bad headach at the back of his head. But just when he was about to reach his hand to the back of his head, he find that he can't move at all and he had been blindfolded.

"Wha-what this? Let me go!" Yabu panic and start to struggle.

"Hey look he's awake..." A man with low voice said.

"Good... You can ask your man to come in now..." Yabu recognize that this voice is Yuya's voice.

"Come in now.." The man with low voice called out, and 2 more people walked in.

"So we can do whatever we want to this boy...?" The man ask.

"Yes, for 2 hours, do whatever you want to him, I'll be just guarding outside..." Yuya said and leave.

"Aniki, this is such a great job, we get to do whatever we want to this boy, and stil get paid..." The other voice said and start to touch Yabu.

"Ya-yada..!" Yabu start shivering badly.

"Fufufu.. look at him... He's shivering like a cat.." A man with a shaper voice said.

"Enough said, let's start..." The man with the low voice said and start to strip Yabu.

"!!! No!! Stop! please don't!!" Yabu start struggling hard as soon as he know what they gonna do with him.

"Struggle and resist more, your scream is like melody to our ears... hehehe.." 3 of them laugh evilly and ignore Yabu resistan.

No!! please!! no!!" Yabu start sobbing badly.

"Heh heh heh..." The 3 guy just laugh at the way Yabu struggling.

The three guy start sucking and playing with Yabu's body. One of the guy bring out a bag of toys.

"Heh.. which should I use first..." The guy with the low voice start picking a toy.

"Nghhnn.. no.. please ahh.." Yabu moan as the other 2 is still toying with his body.

"Look he's so sensitive... I just need to pinch and lick here slightly, his body will have reaction..." The man with sharp voice pinch and lick the buds on Yabu's body, making Yabu moaning in pleasure.

"Yeah.. he will feel good very soon." The 3rd guy with a dense voice said, as he look at his aniki aiming a very big toy at Yabu's hole.

"AHHHHHHH!!!" The momnet the big toy was being forced into Yabu's hole, Yabu scream loudly in pain.

"Ahh... what a wonderful voice... Scream! Scream more!! ahahhahaha" The 3 guy laughing evilly.

"Nghhnnn... Unn.. unnn.." Yabu biting his lip holding back his moan.

"Ara ara... he's really so sensitive, he's starting t feel good already! Look! He's getting hard!" The guy with sharp voice said.

"Ahh.. unn. ya-yamette..ahh.. unn... unnn.." Yabu still struggling.

"Struggle more, hehehe... we love target that will struggle..." The one with low voice said.

Three of them played with Yabu's body over and over again, and each of them had released more than 3 time inside of Yabu. While Yabu is still biting hard on his lip till it's bleeding already.


1hr 55mins had passed...

"Oi you guys left 5 mins..." Yuya voice came in.

"NGGHHNNN!! Ahh!! AHHH!!!" The guy who was thrusting Yabu heard what Yuya said and start thrusting Yabu roughly and deeply.

"Tsk! Only 5 mins left... I didn't even had much fun!" The guy with sharp voice said.

"Daijoubu ha.. ahh.. you'll have your turn tomorrow.. ha..." The guy with deep voice said while thrusting Yabu with all his might.

"Nghnn!! Ya..da.. ahhhhh!! Too.. nghhnn.. ahh fast.. ahhh!!" Yabu arched his back up in pain.

"Aniki me too me too!!" The one with dense voice said exctiedly.

"Nghhnn.. sure.. ahhhh~~!" The one with deep voice give Yabu one more deep thrust and release inside of Yabu.

"AHHH!!! ha.. haa..unn... nghhnn!" Yabu arched his back up even higher when he felt a hot liquid release inside of him, and drop back to the floor while moan out loudly when the guy oull out from him.

"Haa.. this body is so good.. ha.." The guy with deep voice said while panting.

"Here's your money, leave now before anyone sees you all." Yuya said in a mono tone.

"Thanks alot, so we'll be back here same time tomorrow... Think I'm starting to miss this body already..." The guy with deep voice said while looking at Yabu lustfully.

"Ha.. ha.. unn.. ahh.. ha.." Yabu pants heavily on the floor, everytime he tried to move he can feel that there's something flowing out from his hole.

"So.. have you decide to leave Inoo Kei?" Yuya asked as he look at Yabu coldly, when he removed Yabu's blindfold.

'No matter what happen... Unless I said I want you out of my sight, never to see you again. If not, not matter what happen don't give up on me, don't leave me..'

"Unn.. ne-never.. ha.. ha.." Yabu answered weakly but firmly, when he think back of what Inoo said to him.

"Well then, make sure you come back same time here tomorrow, if you don't come or tries to run away, this will be spread around the school, and of course, to your beloved Inoo Kei too.." Yuya said as he played the video of Yabu being raped by the 3 guys.

"NO!! ahh! unn..!" Yabu's eyes widen and tried to reach out for the video camera, but fail as he felt sharp pain at hos back.

"So, it's either you leave Inoo Kei, or come back here tomorrow same time for the same thing to happen again... If not.. the video will be leak out.." Yuya said coldly, and was about to walk off...

"No.. please.. no.. Ke-kei.." Yabu moan out softly and passed out...

"Tsk, what a troublesome guy... ! ... He's so light..." Yuya helped Yabu wear back his clothes. But when carried Yabu in bride stlye, he realise that Yabu is really light.

"Kei.." Yabu is still sobbing even he is passed out.

"...." Yuya look at Yabu with confusion in his eyes, thinking if following Daiki's order is the right thing..?

sorry for taking so long to write out chp2~~ and yes, once again, I've become a sadist and torture Kou chan in my fic again~~ lalalala~~ and i'm super lazy to give name to those raper XD since no one check/edit this fic for me, please forgive all my spelling / grammar / tenses mistake QAQ hope you all enjoy this fic :3 hope i have the movtivation to write chp 3 soon XD
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Tsukiyomi Aoitsukiyomi_aoi on February 27th, 2014 01:44 pm (UTC)
similar ne~ steal some idea here and there LOL! XD btw, you're fast! OwO thanks for reading XD

Edited at 2014-02-27 02:42 pm (UTC)
sakuranbo0osakuranbo0o on February 27th, 2014 03:01 pm (UTC)
Poor Yabu~...T_T
Yuyan Please don't follow Dai-chan's order...Leave Yabu to Inoo please~....Don't be so hard on him please~~~...>_<¦¦¦
Waiting for the next...
aibu_aikaaibu_aika on February 28th, 2014 01:04 pm (UTC)
Well,I'm actually one of your readers but i think This is first time i commented on your fic since i ussually use phone and can't comment to your post...

Update soon >0<

I want to kick daichan and yuyan xDD
Why They must to hurt my yabu ?! XDD

Anyway,Nice too meet you
inookei_22inookei_22 on April 7th, 2014 02:19 pm (UTC)
sorry for the late comment nee *bow*

Huuuaa I've been waiting for this!
Poor Ko-chan...
Hey,Kei, protect your Ko-chan!
huuuuuaaaaa ╥﹏╥ I feel bad for Ko-chan... he must really love Kei nee~
btw, What Kei said is so sweet~ he doesn't want Yabu to leave him nee~

Thank you for sharing!